Get Active!

 Get Active

Get moving! It’s really that simple. Do whatever you want to do that is going to get your heart rate up! I know, I know….exercise is EVIL….I agree wholeheartedly. My idea of a good time is NOT working out. Getting sweaty and out of breath is not my idea of fun….as soon as I call something “exercise” I INSTANTLY hate it….but it is totally possible to exercise get active without calling it that.

I do not like exercising at all. I’m totally guilty of that. If exercising was in the form of reading a book, then I would be all set. The whole idea of exercising is just repugnant to me. The whole heavy breathing and soreness is “torture and insanity” in my language. And don’t even get me started on being sweaty. I hate sweat. If there was one bodily function that I would put a stop to, it would be sweating. But it’s a necessary evil.

You don’t have to dive into the tank of “athletic people.” You know the typical things people think of when they hear exercise. Running. Lifting weights. That kind of thing. There are so many different options out there, you are bound to find something.

Really anything! I lost my first 30 pounds by walking 1/2 hour every night. It doesn’t have to be a gym membership…but if you like the idea, then do it!. Do something that you can learn to love. Set aside time to do it! (My BIGGEST problem). Josh has a shakeweight…hurts a helluva lot, but I’m kind of addicted…. prepare for a 5k…. join a roller derby team (BTW…if anyone from my hometown is reading this…we NEED one!!!)

It really just that simple. Get active. No one cares what kind of things you do to get active. There isn’t a rule on what activities you should do, or what you shouldn’t do. My thought…as long as it burns calories…you’re in a good place.

There are so many things that you can try out. Just because you start something doesn’t mean you are stuck there forever. I tried out the gym, wasn’t too much fun (until I went with my little sister) so I don’t make a point to go. I tried out boxing, and I love it…so it’s something that I would like to continue.

Seriously….do ANYTHING!!!! Just get up and move.

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