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First off…. I weighed myself again… and I’m 194 instead of 196.

So somehow within the past week I have gained a pound. I’m not sure how since I’ve eaten really well and been exercisings and whatnot…. I’m thinking it’s all the extra water that I’ve been drinking and stress….. I dunno.

Oh well… not the number I wated to see, but crap happens.

I’m a little worried. I’m going to be going back on birth control… one kid is enough thank you very much…. but I’m having this issue because I always gain weight while on birth control. For all of you who say that you don’t gain weight while on birth control, some people do…and I am one of them. It’s usually only  the first couple of months…. It’s typically just “water weight” according to the doctors…. So I’m hoping with me actually exercising (unlike the last time I was on BC) then I won’t gain any.

And next…. someone on CC messaged me after reading my blog….

My idea of doing my couch to 5K plan and just doubling it up isn’t a good idea. It makes quite a bit of sense after it was explained to me.

I was told that if I do it doubled like that it could actually delay my progress, who would have thought?!?!?! Not me! Lol.

But they made a very good point. If I do the regimine the way that it is written, I could keep pushing myself afterwards. They told me “wouldn’t you rather be able to run 4-5 miles come the time of your 5K?”

Makes perfect sense…. so I am going to be doing that. Actually doing the regimen like it is telling me…… then I can keep working past that point…. you know?

So to the person who messaged me….thanks!!!!!

I’ve been looking it up and I haven’t been able to find the right 5K here where I live. The one that I wrote about was for last year….dumb me…. so I’ve been trying to figure out what date this years is… Hopefully it doesn’t conflict with my school schedule, that would suck.

I have found one that is closest to me is about 20 miles away and on June 9th… Another I found actually starts at my college and this one is July 9th…. so we’ll see how it goes!!! I might do both.

But there is a 10K and 25K coming up in September. So I’m seriously considering doing that. Too determined? Who knows. But I’ll actually figure it out after I do the 5K and see how I’m doing.

But yeah…that’s all I wanted to update on



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