Birthday Wishes (Weigh-In Day)

Happy Birthday to meeeee!

Ok, Ok, my birthday isn’t actually until Saturday, but Josh knew I wasn’t going to be able to celebrate it on the day of. Between everything that is going on my schedule is packed…which includes no birthday. More depressing…no Harry Potter party I have been planning. But that’s ok.

He surprised me yesterday! He picked me up from work, and we all went to Goody’s (local coffee shop) and we’re just driving aimlessly around (so I thought) before he stopped off in front of a little nail salon. He’s all like “by the way, we have plans tonight. You have an appointment here to get your nails done…get out.”

And kicked me out of the car, haha. I’ve been complaining about getting my nails done, so yeah, I was all pampered at the nail place, got my nails done.

Then when he and Landon picked me up they were all dressed up. Meaning, they were both wearing ties. Yeah. Super cute. He had also went out and bought me a new dress (which I completely adore). So I changed and they took me down the street to the Boathouse. We had never been there before and the food was fricken amazing. Started off with a salad (house made cherry vinaigrette) and we split a platter of the best mussels I have ever had in my life. With a little bit of wine. Then the main course was this three cheese ravioli, there wasn’t a sauce…just a kind of olive oil tomatoey delicious-ness with shrimp. And I had chocolate cheesecake for dessert.

The food was amazing. And I was grinning like a mad woman the entire time.

Then we went home where Josh decorated the kitchen with Slytherin colors (be still my beating heart). Confetti, streamers, balloons, the whole nine yards.

Then, yesterday on Twitter I was all excited that I might be getting a new blender…well Josh (being a butt) took me to the store right after work to go look at the one that I wanted. They were gone. I was all upset, a little bit whiney. He played it off like “That’s ok they usually get shipments on Tuesdays so we’ll check back then.

So guess what my present was…. THE BLENDER!

I was so excited. It’s like a 4-in-1 blender. Obviously, it blends. But it is also a food processor, juicer, and individual blender. There are 3 travel mugs that have an attachment on it, so I can just blend one cup…and pull the blender blades off and slap on a lid and I’m ready to go.

I’m in love with this blender. Seriously in love. I love you Ninja Blender. Of course I blended something right away. He invited my family over also…and I blew out the big 23 candles on my HARRY POTTER CAKE!

He knew how much I wanted a Harry Potter part, and made sure that there was still a little bit of Potter Party there despite lack of time. Totally made my day.

It was a great night, made a million times better that I had no idea what was going on. It was like a surprise birthday party (which I have always wanted) without the people hiding in closets (which I wouldn’t like). So yeah, it was pretty much perfect.

Kind of reminded me of those silly moments in a romantic comedy where the guy is trying to impress the girl by being awesome. Except that it was a birthday party, and Josh wasn’t trying to impress me…he’s just always been like that.

So I am still in a very good mood. Still smiling, still happy…and still surprised. I had a great time and a great birthday party!!!!!!

So now onto my weigh in…. poo.

Last week: 183.8
This week: 184
Total GAINED: .2 pounds

Geez, I’m just kind of like. Darn. Of course…it’s still only .2 pounds. But I’ve gained about 1.5 pounds in the last three weeks. Still not that bad… but still kind of depressing. But I’m not going to let it get me down. So next week I’ll be right where I need to be. Don’t really have any words to describe any of this, just kind of blah. I honestly thought that I was going to drop some pounds, but apparently my body doesn’t agree with what my mind thinks…so yeah.

But that’s ok. I’m not going to let it ruin my fricken awesome birthday party! And next week things will be great. I’ll have good things to post as far as the weight loss goes. I’ve been in a rut quite a bit lately, and I’m not entirely sure how to get over it. For example, Didn’t work out Monday (oops) worked 16 hours. Barely had time to eat and sleep. Tuesday was a crazy day. Yesterday was the birthday festivities.

I still think that my plans for exercising are really great, it’s just actually getting around to doing them. Gotta find the time to do it. Or rather… find a way to make the time.

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