Green Thumb (Week 2) and Weigh-in Day

It’s been a week since we sat around planting our crops (haha, see I’m a farmer). And I swear some of those buggers are growing like weeds.

Those tallest buggers are the green beans that we planted. I hadn’t realized how quickly plants grow. Usually I get plants that are already grown, so they don’t last that long. But I haven’t ever actually planted anything from a seed, so I am completely shocked.

The Melon is my favorite, I really can’t wait until those start to grow. Well, you know…actually make the fruit. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with those. I do think that the leaves look really pretty, how lame is that. I think I’m just more excited that we planted them and they are actually growing…I half expected them to not grow only because usually plants like to die with me. But the green beans, melons, and cucumbers are really the only veggies that are growing.

There is a little bit of grass looking like stuff growing out of the carrot spot. But I’m assuming that is because carrots grow underground. Part of the impatient Nicole wants to dig on of them up to see how they are going, but I’m refraining.

The only herbs that are actually growing is the thyme and dill. The cilantro is staying firmly beneath the dirt. Haha.

So yeah, we’ve got our little garden going pretty well. It’s currently sitting in front of a vent in the bedroom, and apparently the plants really like that placement. Of course, I have no idea where we are suppose to be putting them…or doing with them. So I’m thinking whatever we’re doing is working for them.

See, we have a little bush of plants. And some stalks.

I should have probably read the back of the packages a little bit better. Mainly because I can’t remember exactly how long these things take, especially since I had to chop that part off the labels. Good news though, I still have the packets in a drawer, so all isn’t lost. In hindsight we probably should have started with just one or two plants, not twelve…but we’re kind of a “jump in with both feet” kind of group. Hopefully all goes well with them.

But…I miss my weigh-in yesterday because of the nominations…so I obviously didn’t post about it. So here goes nothing.

Last Weigh In: 186 lbs
This Weigh In: 185.5 lbs
Total Lost: .5 pounds

Well, there goes half a pound down. Of course, I can’t really complain, a loss is a loss. But I was kind of hoping for a little bit more than that. So we’ll see how next week goes.

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