Being Healthy?

I talk a lot of being healthy, and getting healthy. It’s one of the top reasons why I am (attempting) losing weight. But there is way more than that. Sure, I know I’ll be healthier when I am at a good weight… less chance for all that scary stuff.

I also want to make sure that I am healthy in other aspects of my life. So I am going to start visiting a doctor more regularly. Ok, ok, well… how about just regularly in general.

I typically avoid the doctor. I don’t even have a “regular physician.” There haven’t been many times that I have actually went and visited one. If I’m sick I just kind of deal with it… otherwise I check myself into the ER if there is something I am really concerned about. Like the time I was convinced I was having a heart attack. Seriously, I thought I was dying… doesn’t help I looked up my “symptoms” online, which of course several other “symptoms” started popping up. Checked myself in, got all hooked up in 2.5 seconds… blood tests, the whole nine yards.

I found out that I had just gotten heartburn for the first time ever, not knowing why my chest “hurt” I panicked and gave myself a full blown anxiety attack. Yeah… there are reasons I don’t go to the doctor. I don’t like those moments where I think there is something wrong, the doctor kind of gives me this indulgent look. I know he was laughing his ass off in the backroom after I left. Yeah.

It mainly why I try to take care of myself. But I have kind of kicked my own butt into realizing that I don’t know everything and WebMD isn’t a big help for someone who sees symptoms in everything.

At this point I am trying to get a ton of doctor’s appointments settled and under my belt. The whole nine yards. It’s kind of strange, I have all these doctors for Landon, but not for myself…so it’s kind of daunting to think of all the stuff I should be getting. So I’ve already got my lady doctor appointment all sorted out, getting my dentist sorted, and I’m looking to get a regular doctor for physicals and all that jazz.

I’m not getting all these appointments because I’m thinking something is wrong, but rather to make sure that I am doing ok in the “me being healthy” scheme of things. It just kind of feels important.

It’s been years since I have visited a regular doctor. Usually I just kind of drop in for an appointment (like when I visited the dietitian eons ago) and never go back. But I would actually like to start going at least annually to make sure everything is kosher.

So I’ve been a little phone crazy lately just to try and get all these appointments. And I’m actually quite proud of myself for taking the steps to get into the doctors. So we’ll see how it all goes…and after the initial appointments, I’ll have to make a point to continue going. Haha. Yeah.

How important are doctor’s visits to you?

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