Not one hoodie fit

So, not too long ago I had gone to Dunhams with Josh to grab a hoodie, long story short… not one hoodie fit.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m used to having a hard time buying clothes in general. Apparently size 10-14 are the no-mans land of clothing. I’m a solid large to extra-large, depending on the cut and brand… which all girls are used to. But when I go to throw on an large hoodie and it wont even pull down my chest, it’s kind of heart breaking.

The Nike hoodie I grabbed was an large…which was the largest side… but it fit (or didn’t fit) the same way a small would. Seriously, I couldn’t even pull it down no matter how much I sucked in.

So I ended up crying a little bit, yelling and screaming, and complaining in general.

With my rollercoaster of emotions I ended up screaming about how it sucked. “If I am going to a sports store and buying clothes that are intended for athletics, why in the hell doesn’t Nike make clothing in my size?” My whole idea is that even though I am planning on working out and getting gross/sweaty I still want to be able to feel confident in what I am wearing. I ended up getting pissy and grabbing a men’s hoodie, which of course I didn’t want.

So Josh, being Josh, said he’d call up Nike and complain on my behalf. Of course, I only half believed him… but he actually did. He mentioned all the same things I had, plus some others points. The guy he talked to said basically the whole customer service schpeel that everyone hears…”I’ll talk to my higher ups and fix this issue for you.”

Well shortly afterwards we had gone back to Dunhams just to see. While walking through the store there were TONS of larger sizes.

XL Sports bras that actually fit my chi-chi, when the largest size they had originally had was large.

sports bras

Hoodies that were EXTRA LARGE!!!!

hoodie sizes

Annnnd when I tried it on… it fit. Holy hell it fit!

ResizedImage_1395348995351 (1)

So of course I was thrilled!!! I’m not going to pretend that it was a little tight, but I’ll take it.

Naturally I am going to totally give credit to Josh for the phone call. Sure, it could be all kinds of things. It could have been that they were switching out winter clothing and moving in the spring clothing which just naturally are larger…who knows. But I’m just going to go ahead and go for the Josh fixing it theory.

Because I want to, you know?


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