Weigh In Day!

Well, the fateful weigh in day. Phew. I have been weighing myself weekly (granted, more than once a week) just to keep up to par on what I was weighing.

The last time I posted my weight was wayyyy back over a month ago.

So without further ado…

Last Weigh-In: 196.2
This Weigh-In: 194.3
Total lost: 1.9 lbs

So I’ve only lost 2 pounds in six weeks. Not that much, but on the flip side of the situation it hasn’t been an up and down kind of thing. There were several months that I must have lost a total of 20 pounds… but when that 20 pounds is bouncing between 180 and 200 repetitively, doesn’t exactly make for any kind of actual weight loss.

So even though I haven’t lost much at all, I’m proud of the fact that I haven’t been yo-yoing like I had been.

Perhaps that’s just me being overly optimistic, but I’ll take it.


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