I lost 25 pounds, people!

I lost 25 pounds, people!

25 pounds!

Even though I’m thrilled about 25 pounds in over a year… I’m sure those of you who are wandering around the internet looking at ways to lose weight, aren’t all that impressed.

I started actually losing weight back in June 2016. Before then, I’d had a baby, post-partum, and a new demanding job. I was working 60+ hours a week. I was just getting back into the hang of not being home and eating 100% of the time. I was more focused on learning, and training, and getting back in the swing of things. Around June, after me and a coworker measured ourselves it was like a switch had been flipped.

This itty, bitty, darling of a gal’s measurements. Kind of kicked my butt into gear. But…I feel like that’s a whole separate blog post. So, I’ll get into that ordeal later.

So Losing 25 pounds in a year is a pretty big deal. I’ve been blogging on and off (admittedly, more off than on) for about 4 years. Actual blogging is probably only half that. Real attempted weight loss while blogging… two years. So I went through old blog posts through the years to get a good idea of some things.

I’d like to take a moment cringe at just how many times I said “haha.”

The first thing I did was go deep into the dark archives of my blog and found my “best” year of weight loss. Where I felt really good about my weight loss, my fitness level, eating right and counting calories. All of that fun stuff. We’re looking at March 2012-2013

I brought up posts in March 2012 and I was sitting right around 193 pounds…ish. That was the most solid number I could find, due to my apparently dislike of actual weigh-in days. March 2013, however I was close to the lowest number I’d ever remembered seeing on the scale: 184.8 pounds.

Big picture. 184 pounds is HUGE. I’d lost 80 solid pounds at that point.
Bigger picture. That is freaking amazing. I had reason to be proud. 80 pounds gone from my highest weight of 264.

And that’s what I focused on. The big picture.

Look at the smaller picture.

Over the course of a year I lost 9 pounds.

I went from 193 down to 184.

There was so much yo-yoing. At one point I sat at 185 for close to a month. Another point where I’d gained 8 pounds and lost it again. It was ridiculous.

Those days, I was watching my calories, definitely splurging on my calories here and there, my water intake was amazing, I’d started (and quit, and started) c25k, using resistance bands, using an elliptical, jogging, walking, so on and so forth.

All of that… and I lost 9 pounds.

In this past year, I’ve lost 25. And it was pretty steady. I’m not even going to pretend that I lost a perfect .5 pounds every week. I’d have weeks where I’d lose nothing, and weeks that I’d lose a full pound or more.

But I didn’t gain and lose and gain and lose

Didn’t catch that?

I. Didn’t. Yoyo.

Were there times where I’d step on the scale after a month and see I was up a pound or two? Sure. I’d hardly call that yoyoing though. I’d say that’s pretty normal for most people.

It wasn’t like I was gaining and losing the same 10-15 pounds over and over again.

I tried some exercising a few times, but my newfound 40 pounds made the exercises I’d been doing before practically impossible, but I didn’t stick with it at that level. I went back to basics and was just doing some general walking. I was watching what I was eating, drinking my water. Very basic stuff.

I wasn’t sitting here being anal about how many calories I was eating or not eating and wasn’t tracking everything I was eating or burning. A more conscious and careful me. And I lost 25 pounds.

And considering the amount of stress I was under with my new promotion in this time last year, I’m amazed I didn’t gain! Remember? I’m a stress eater?

That blows my mind.

Now, does that mean that I’m going to just sit back and be content to lose the same 25 pounds next year?

Not a chance in hell, darling.

Otherwise it’ll take me until well after my 30th birthday to have lost the next 60 pounds. I’m too impatient that that.

So, I’m gearing towards losing more weight. I’ve been idly working on it this last year.

There have been some real, sustainable, lifestyle changes in this whole weight loss trip. Just without the pressure of failing.

Now it’s just time to add onto those lifestyle changes because I think I’m in a place where I can handle it.

So we’ll see what happens.
Wish me luck!

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