Been a while

Things have  been so hectic lately. I’m on the home stretch of my classes…so I’ve been busy with homework. And doing it on this laptop is not fun.

My laptop has been at the doctors, so I’ve been using Josh’s “I can download whatever I want on it” computer. I won’t let him download anything on the other computer, lol. Plus this one doesn’t really type well….

We all collectively ruined this one… heres how it happened.

Josh put his coffee on the back of the couch.

I set the laptop on the seat of the couch.

Landon went to catch one of our kitties

The kitty freaked out and scampered away (along the edge of the couch)

Coffee fell over and spilled on laptop.

Ah yes.

So typing is crazy…. this is what happens

When I hit the “c” or “v” button I get —>    cv

When I hit the “e” or “r” button I get —>    er

The “b” button doesn’t work, so I have to copy it from a different page and paste it to where I need it

“5” will not work unless the wireless meter is up

“T” will not work unless the battery meter is up

When I hit “3” or “4” I get —->      34


So there is a lot of deleting letters and numbers. Although I’m proud to say that I usually type about 80 wpm….and with the computer keys like they are I still manage around about 65wpm. Lol.


So yeah, lots of homework…. this is what I have for this week

1) Peer review for English
2) Revamp 2,000 word paper for English
3) Research paper (2,000 words) for Anthropology
4) 4-5 chapters of review questions (about 30 questions) for Criminal Justice
5) Quiz 2 due for Criminal Justice
6) Two quizzes in Anthropology
7) Finish reading Ishmael For Ethics
8) Review questions for Ethics

And that’s all on top of studying for final exams…..

Fun, perhaps I shouldn’t have taken 12 credits…lol……

Although, this Fall I’m scheduled for 14, Haha. Photography, French, Chemistry + Lab, Abnormal Psychology…

Fun fun fun

It’s interesting to say the least.

Last night I had to type up a 2,000 word paper….miserable time.

But the other computer should be here soon!!!!!

So yeah….that’s all I have to do…. so I’m kind of stressed!!!!!!

Pronation and Harry Potter

Well… I have decided I am going to do a youtube channel. I have it all set up and ready to go….all that I need is my first video. Yay! I talked myself into it. Haha

Now….As far as my ankles…I think I have it figured out. Pronation. A lot of googling later. It all fits. The way I stand (toes pointing outward/knees facing front). The way that my shoes wear out…. Of course I want to get it confirmed

I could be wrong. I’m really thinking thats what it is. So I’m going to book an appointment with a physical therapist for a consult…. luckily, all I *should* need is special insoles in my shoes so my feet and ankles are aligned properly

Make sure my feet displace their weight properly. I’m not going to let it slow me down…I’ll get this sorted out!!!! I’m still looking forward to the 5k coming up in (wait for it) 13 weeks!!!!!

We’ll see…I’ll let you know once I figure it out completely.

Now….Harry Potter…Lol.. Yes…obsessed!!!!! I grew up with Harry Potter…. I actually waited for my owl…..which sadly didn’t come. I had mentioned something I had written in my HP journal about me being fat…lol….. so I wanted to share the journal….So many secrets in these journals…lol.

So…that is it. And if you look close enough you can see my pacman inspired nail polish! Lol.

So now that you know that I’m totally lame… (hey I warned you at my home page)….I hope you enjoyed that!!!!


I’ve been tossing around the idea of starting a youtube channel. I’ve had a couple messages about “how do I find you on youtube?” Alas, I’m not there. So… that’s what I’m thinking. I used to have a make-up channel…but I could never get my lighting right….with this…I don’t need lighting. :) I’m seriously considering it. Could be fun, I think.

I’m still tossing around the idea….but it might be a good idea. Don’t know yet….I’m 80% for….15% against….. 5% eh *shrugs*……


I think I have figured out why my ankles hurt while jogging. I am incredibly splay-footed (or duck-footed) and I walk from the outsides of my feet inward rather than heel to toe.

I’m going to go up to the gym at some point and ask about that…. that can’t be normal….right? I’m hoping I don’t have to relearn walking…or learn to jog with my feet straight…I have a 5k in July! Lol.


I do believe I am back on the bandwagon. I’m sick of the plateau…. I ate a good breakfast of an apple and banana with some oatmeal (nummy)….lunch is going to be a killer wrap!!!!

So…wish me luch…again…. I’ll keep you updated on the youtube channel possibility!

Ahhh…weight loss

So… I am determined.

Within the next 3 weeks (gotta give myself ample time lol) I am going to weigh 189…..

I need some kind  of celebration. Lol.

I was 11 and 200+ I honestly don’t remember being 189. Lol.

I wanted to share something with you all…..

A passage from a 13 year old me…written in a Harry Potter journal (don’t judge…lol….I owned all of them)…and yes I did write “Dear Tom”….so sue me.

“I think I am going to cry. I just got home from the docs office for my physical to play volleyball. I am so fat. I weigh 210 pounds. Thats alot.”

That was 13…I was 210 pounds. Holy crap. That’s crazy.

So yeah… it’s crazy….

So at some point when I hit that 189 marker I gotta do something CRAZY…. probably nothing more than some pics…but hey I’ll be happy….

I can’t wait. Lol. I’ve had some plateau issues…bouncing between 195-191 for a good couple months.

That’s ok though…Josh and I are going to be adding some boxing into our day…. got some super cute pink sparring glove…about 400 calories in 30 minutes… LOVE IT!

I liked doing it on the WII… this should be interesting…lol.

I also want to add some fun cardio….still looking for things that sound like me…..

So yeah….gonna get ready to head out for my jog (hopefully).

189 here I come!!!!!