Weigh in Day (mmmm Coffee)

It’s ucky out. Yesterday is was Beautiful! The sun was shining, so pretty! The day before ucky. I find it funny that both days of my c25k had been crappy out…go figure.

It’s days like this that I want a hot hot hot latte. Yumm. This right here, is the perfect latte.

2 shots of espresso
skim milk with a nice layer of foam
a light dusting of cinnamon on top

Now, not to toot my own horn, but I make a pretty amazing latte (my cappuccinos are even better…and no a cappuccino does NOT come out of a little machine at the gas station. It’s literally nothing but espresso and foam)

Now. I’m a self-certified coffee junkie. I blame it on working at a coffee shop for two years.

I got pretty good at it…I even started learning latte art.

An attempt of a flower by yours truly

I know a little something something about lattes. And I love them! A pity they can cash in at 200 cals a pop 🙁

So, I want one. Something fierce. And I figured it was weather permitting to tell you about it.

But…on further note… I take my coffee black. Dark roast. No sugar or cream to mar the flavor. *sigh* I probably drink far too much coffee (I’m on my 4th cup and I’m sure there are more to come!)

So other than wanting a latte…

It’s been a pretty good week, I think. I’ve been eating really good, moving more, and I have been drinking a TON of water. But I have gotten my monthly visit (sorry lads) so I’m not entirely sure how accurate the scale reads. Of course.

Last week = 194
This week = 190.8
down 3.2 pounds!

I’m not too sure how that is possible, since I always bloat during my “time.” But I’m pretty ecstatic. I’ve been loosing a pound, gaining a pound for MONTHS. So it’s about time that I got back on track.

Trust me, I stepped on and off the scale about a million times.

But the awesome thing…I have all of .8 pounds until I hit that magical 189!!!!

I can’t wait! I did a little jig in the bathroom…. poor mirror had to witness some chunky naked dancing!!! But I don’t care.

I could sing!

Holy crap…C25K

I just completed my first day of the C25K program.

I know, I know, I had actually tried it earlier in the week…but came to the realization that I did it completely wrong.

It took me about 28 minutes? And walked/Jogged 1.9 miles!!!!! I feel so accomplished!

Dare I say it….I feel PROUD!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still out of breath. I’m sweaty. My throat is on fire (as I don’t know how to properly breathe)…. but I actually feel amazing!

I haven’t run since MIDDLE SCHOOL (not counting chasing after Landon). This is amazing to me. I want to give myself a huge hug!!!!

I can’t believe how incredible I feel right about now.

So for now, I’m out. But it’s awesome!!!!!

Day two….wednesday!

Oh yeah, love it

I officially love my Driod.

And I just downloaded the C25K program app onto it. It’s amazing! I can (and did) upload my playlist onto it. So it counts down on when to start, then tells you “brisk 5 minute walk”…. after your five minute walk it makes this little chiming sound that lets you know when to start jogging…after 1 minute you get the chiming thing again…time to walk…. that kind of thing.

The chiming sounds can be heard over my music…. and on the screen it tells you how much you have gone (time ellapsed), how much time you have left (of that “round”) and how much time left  for the entire jog/run.
You choose what day you are on… and start your music…. press start, and as it’s counting down get that bugger into your arm strap.

Best thing… it’s FREE!!!!! They had a couple of ones from the actual C25K website that you had to pay for, but I’m cheap…haha. So I went with the freebie!!!!!

I look a little rediculous (I’m sure) with this big hulking driod attached to my shoulder, but I don’t really care.

Not only that but I have a cardio trainer app on it as well (that I can use while doing the C25K)…..  you press “start workout” and it tracks with your GPS….. length of time, tracks your route, distance, speed, and calories burned.

I love the calories burned aspect…. then I’ll know what to add to my calorie count…. but the best thing is that it keeps in mind height, age, weight…and all that stuff to be as accurate as possible!!!!!

Then once you finish your jog it’ll show you a graph of when your speed changed, when you were constant, if you stopped….which will probably be more useful once I get into week 5ish…. but yeah..

With those two paired together, it’s going to be great.

I’m horrible with guess distance and time…so I knew I was going to have an issue with estimating the whole 60 seconds jog thing (which I think is where I messed up the first time… I would get lost and lose track of my seconds…..)

So… yeah…. I’m all ready to go.

I actually can’t wait to use it…. it’s going to be super multi function…lol.

So I’ll probably start my C25K program all over… just to ensure that I have been doing it right….. we’ll see.

Been a while

Things have  been so hectic lately. I’m on the home stretch of my classes…so I’ve been busy with homework. And doing it on this laptop is not fun.

My laptop has been at the doctors, so I’ve been using Josh’s “I can download whatever I want on it” computer. I won’t let him download anything on the other computer, lol. Plus this one doesn’t really type well….

We all collectively ruined this one… heres how it happened.

Josh put his coffee on the back of the couch.

I set the laptop on the seat of the couch.

Landon went to catch one of our kitties

The kitty freaked out and scampered away (along the edge of the couch)

Coffee fell over and spilled on laptop.

Ah yes.

So typing is crazy…. this is what happens

When I hit the “c” or “v” button I get —>    cv

When I hit the “e” or “r” button I get —>    er

The “b” button doesn’t work, so I have to copy it from a different page and paste it to where I need it

“5” will not work unless the wireless meter is up

“T” will not work unless the battery meter is up

When I hit “3” or “4” I get —->      34


So there is a lot of deleting letters and numbers. Although I’m proud to say that I usually type about 80 wpm….and with the computer keys like they are I still manage around about 65wpm. Lol.


So yeah, lots of homework…. this is what I have for this week

1) Peer review for English
2) Revamp 2,000 word paper for English
3) Research paper (2,000 words) for Anthropology
4) 4-5 chapters of review questions (about 30 questions) for Criminal Justice
5) Quiz 2 due for Criminal Justice
6) Two quizzes in Anthropology
7) Finish reading Ishmael For Ethics
8) Review questions for Ethics

And that’s all on top of studying for final exams…..

Fun, perhaps I shouldn’t have taken 12 credits…lol……

Although, this Fall I’m scheduled for 14, Haha. Photography, French, Chemistry + Lab, Abnormal Psychology…

Fun fun fun

It’s interesting to say the least.

Last night I had to type up a 2,000 word paper….miserable time.

But the other computer should be here soon!!!!!

So yeah….that’s all I have to do…. so I’m kind of stressed!!!!!!

Pronation and Harry Potter

Well… I have decided I am going to do a youtube channel. I have it all set up and ready to go….all that I need is my first video. Yay! I talked myself into it. Haha

Now….As far as my ankles…I think I have it figured out. Pronation. A lot of googling later. It all fits. The way I stand (toes pointing outward/knees facing front). The way that my shoes wear out…. Of course I want to get it confirmed

I could be wrong. I’m really thinking thats what it is. So I’m going to book an appointment with a physical therapist for a consult…. luckily, all I *should* need is special insoles in my shoes so my feet and ankles are aligned properly

Make sure my feet displace their weight properly. I’m not going to let it slow me down…I’ll get this sorted out!!!! I’m still looking forward to the 5k coming up in (wait for it) 13 weeks!!!!!

We’ll see…I’ll let you know once I figure it out completely.

Now….Harry Potter…Lol.. Yes…obsessed!!!!! I grew up with Harry Potter…. I actually waited for my owl…..which sadly didn’t come. I had mentioned something I had written in my HP journal about me being fat…lol….. so I wanted to share the journal….So many secrets in these journals…lol.

So…that is it. And if you look close enough you can see my pacman inspired nail polish! Lol.

So now that you know that I’m totally lame… (hey I warned you at my home page)….I hope you enjoyed that!!!!