Now March!

I wanted to throw in my measurements that I took yesterday!!!!

Weight: 193
Chest: 39″
Waist: 33″
Lovehandles: 42″
Hips: 39.5″
Thighs together: 38″
Left Thigh: 26″
Right Thigh: 25.5″
Left Arm: 13″
Right Arm: 13″
BMI: 30.07
Pants: 10
Shirt: Large
Bra: 36C

I’m testing a theory.

I’ve realized that perhaps me not having a definite goal in mind…that perhaps I’m not making myself push towards something.

At this point I’ve got this whole mindset of “I don’t care when I lose the weight by…I just want to lose the weight.

Which, honestly, is good thinking…. in some senses. If I don’t have a goal (further than one week) then how can I expect myself to actually lose weight? Don’t get me wrong, I want to…. definitely want to…. but I think that if  I were to actually set monthly goals… then I might actually be more hard on myself to lose weight.

Because right now…it’s a case where eating bad foods isn’t really a thought in my mind. I just kind of hit this point where it’s all like…. “well at least I’ll lose weight”

Which hasn’t been working out for me these last month or so…. so I’m going to put some goals that have expiration dates on them. Even my goal poster… I just have “Hit 180 pounds” which is a great goal (not trying to be concieted) but as long as I git that goal I’ll be happy. I need to push myself a little bit more, just so that I’m not “fat” forever. You know?

So I think that I am going to do monthly goals.

Realistic goals. At this point I’m thinking 6 pounds a month. That is 1.5 pounds a week. Seems reasonable to me. Especially since I can healthily lose closer to 2 a week.

So this is kind of what I’m thinking for myself.

It’s going to be kind of strange at first because it’s going to be in 4 weekgroups…. so it isn’t going to be March 1st, April 1st, May 1st… that kind of thing… strictly going with Weeks…. I’m kind of 1/2 way through the week so my first week will be next week… got it???

March 7th –  191
April 4th –   185
May 2nd –   179
May 30 –    173
June 27 – 167

From here I’m only going to try to lose 4 pounds every 4 weeks (1 per week)

July 25 –    163
August 22nd  – 159
September 19  – 155
October 17th   – 151
November 14th – 147

So… right around November… I should hit my goal weight. Hopefully. It leaves room for weeks that I lose less than what I’m hoping….or weeks that I lose more.

So… I’m hoping to do really good.

I need to be accountable to what I’m putting into my mouth, and how much I am working out.

We’ll see how it goes.

February :(

Last day of February and the whole month I have lost a grand total of 2 pounds…

Kind of frustrating. It just goes to show that even if you have one or two back weeks, you could spend that same amount of time to try and fix it. It’s put me back 8ish pounds if I kept with the 2 pounds a week.

But it’s an unfortunate mistake on my part…. gotta just keep going.

It still sucks, I’m just soooo thankful that I don’t have a set “goal date”

I knew that it was going to be like this…. but there is nothing I can do about it except make sure I don’t make the same mistakes next month.

So… my goal for the end of next month is (drumroll please) to lose 6 pounds.

That’s about 1.5 pounds a week, and it’ll put me at 186, so I’ll get a chip by the end of next month (hopefully).

Breakfast Time

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Especially for losing weight.

I’m sure everyone has heard that before… I swear it’s the catch phrase for Special K cereal “Women who eat breakfast are thinner.”

Unfortunately for people like me who don’t have enough time to eat breakfast (i.e. hook me up to a coffee IV until 11:00, then it’s too late for breakfast) it’s true.

And there is an actual reason for it…. rather than going in to a whole scientifical smortagborg about enzymes and crap, here it is in plain english.

If you eat breakfast, you won’t be as hungry for lunch, and least likely to eat too much for lunch. AND you won’t feel this need to over eat to compensate for the missed meal.

That’s it….simple as that….

So I wanted to throw out a couple of tasty, low cal, and super easy/quick, breakfast ideas to you all.

1. Egg White wrap.
2 egg whites (32 cals)
1 whole wheat tortilla shell soft (140 cals)
1 Laughing cow cheese (35 cals)
Random veggies (I like onion, mushroom, and spinach) (20 cals)
~ Whisk your egg whites in a bowl with veggies until cooked

~ Spread laughing cow cheese on shell

~ After egg is cooked lay it ontop of the cheese – wrap it all up.

~ Spray cooking spray (0 cals) onto a pan, low heat, lay wrap on until crispy

It’s yummy and portable… only takes about 10 minutes to make… and comes in at about 230 calories!!!

2. Umpqua Oats
A HUGE yummy thing for those of you who like oatmeal!!!! There are so many good flavors!!! I really really like the “Not guilty” it’s got apples, blueberries, flax seed, and chia seeds, and of course oats. At only about 210 calories.

There are quite a few different ones… tomorrow morning I’m going to try out “Time Out” which is coconut, peanut butter, and chocolate…. at about 250 calories.

You actually have to order them from a website, unless you are lucky enough to have someplace around you that sells them. (I have a coffee shop in town that does)…. they are a little pricey unfortunately…about 3.25 per one.

But it’s definitely worth it. All you have to do it put boiling water in the bowl so it comes it up to the “fill line” and let it sit for 3-4 minutes.

Voila. I like adding a little sweetener and cinnamon to it.

3. Homemade Granola!!!

I found this one on a website, and had to try it out… YUMMY

It’s a homemade granola, obviously… but it’s packed with flax seeds, pecans, fruits, and nummy spices…

It comes out to about 230 calories…

Now personally, I would take out the pecans, millet (whatever the heck that is) and the cherries…. and your looking at about 200 calories…… you don’t really have to fret about those 30 calories, but it’s great if you are adding the skim milk!!!!

Now it does take a little bit to actually bake up…. about 45 minutes total….

But it stores really well…. so it’s nothing to throw it in a bowl with some skim, or on top of some yogurt.

I’d add some fruit to these breakfasts (or double them up is always a bonus)… I like to eat about 350 cals for breakfast…. so whatever you feel you need to eat to reach your calorie intake goals.


Even if it’s just something like a couple of pieces of toast with peanut butter. Or some yogurt with granola and fruit. Something to get your day going!!!!!!

But I’m done rambling!!!!

Doing good

Doing pretty good, I think at least.

When I weighed myself on Wednesday I was 194… even though I did pretty good that week I can totally understand it. Bloating from TTotM…. fun fun. So I weighed myself today, a kind of mid-week check in I suppose, and I’m at 193, so it’s either I’m losing weight or my bloating is going down… not too sure which.

Unfortunately by this Wednesday’s weigh-in day I’ll still be bloating… but at least the scale will be down at least 2…. who knows, I’m not too sure.

I’m hoping to step on the scale on March 7th and weigh 188.

Here’s my figuring:

192 – Feb 15th

194- Feb 22nd (bloating…I typically bloat 4-5 pounds) so I’d really weigh

190-189 ish

So Feb 29… I’ll still be bloated… so I’m figuring 193 ish….

Then March 7th, I’ll be done bloating…. So I’m hoping 188.

It’s only 4 pounds from Feb 15-March 7.

Not too shabby, I think. Less than 2 pounds a week, if I ignore the bloating…..

So that’s what I’m hoping for. Definitely hoping to be under 190 by the 7th…once all my bloating goes down and losing actual weight…. it’ll be nice.

So after all my rambling….

I must say… I’m going to miss the gym once I run out of those left over days.

I never thought that I would say that.

I don’t know if I wanna fork over the 50 bucks a month to afford the gym though.

I mean, I lost 70 pounds by simply doing stuff at home…. but I like some of the machines.

So I’m thinking of actually looking on craigslist/ebay for super cheap versions.

My mom bought an elliptical for $20… so when she gets sick of it (please mom???) I might give her 20 bucks for it…. who knows.

I’d love to get some really cheap exercise equipt…. and I can’t wait to get the room for it.

But I’m rambling, so I’m going to go ahead and get off of here.

Gym time

Ahhh, the gym…..

6+ months ago I had this “brilliant” idea that I was going to go to the gym for a few days to kind of kick start my weight loss…. It was after a rather lengthy plateau, so I figured it would help. I went ahead and paid for 5 days…. and then I figured “I’ll just wait to see if I can lose some weight on my own, if I can then I’ll save the days for a rainy day”

Well… I was losing weight just fine on my own… and then I got sloppy and stopped…. whoops…. well I knew I had those days and I didn’t want to waste the 30 bucks that it cost me to get the days. So yesterday I decided to go, took my sister, Brittany, with me. And I honestly had a blast!

I honestly think that the only reason why I had fun was because of her. The last time I went (like 2 years ago) I was miserable, I went by myself since my workout buddy was on a different shift than I was, and it didn’t help that she moved to Germany :(.

I did not have fun AT ALL. Decided right then and there that I hated the gym.

So I really think that if I had gone by myself I wouldn’t have had any fun at all.

But we had a hell of a time.

My times were awesome!!!!!

I went 1 mile on the elliptical (about 12 minutes) and I was barely out of breath, I could talk to Britt just fine… and I was hardly sweating. Last time I felt like I was dying after 2 minutes….. I was sweating a rainstorm…. and literally had to force myself to go 5 minutes.

We also went on the rowing machine, and a ton of random machines…. had a ton of fun.

So I’ve got 4 more days left…. gotta use them up in the next week or so before they expires…. and I’m going to see how long I can go on the elliptical…. we’ll see!!!!!!