Proud of me

I’m sitting here….3:00ish and wanting to snack. I was not starving, but I was at that point where I knew if I didn’t eat anything that I was going to go too crazy at dinner…. plus I’ve been eyeballing left over cake from the last birthday…lol.

Mmmmm, cake….

So after an internal battle that lasted a good 10 minutes, a bit of calorie figuring…I went with a salad!

Yay! For 3 ounces of cake (a.k.a two bites) is 275  cals of cake. Grrrrr…. not cool. But my salad was greens, mushrooms, diced ham, and italian dressing….about 1.5 cups of food…. 87 calories!!!!

VERY good as far as snacks go. I would never do that when it comes to a full meal, lol…. but as a snack between lunch and dinner.


I’m so happy…. I’m back on track. I also picked up a new sports bra, some basketball shorts….gonna do some jumproping if my celings are high enough!!!! It’s too friggen cold to do it outside.

So yeah…. my control is back!!!!!!


So… I’m not all that in love with birthdays anymore.

Birthdays and my self control tend to have this warring battle with me. Think MMA style. I love love love cake…. not to mention that I feel rude if I don’t eat cake at someone’s birthday. And in less than a week there have been 3 different birthday celebrations. Ugh… my poor tummy.

So I didn’t lose any weight on Wednesday…and it’s Saturday already…. So I have 4 days to lose some weight. No pressure. Lol.

It’s just kind of rediculous. On my part. I’m all stressed out about school (college classes… time consuming… haha) ….. I just don’t have the motivation to do any of it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been forcing myself to do it all… but it sucks when I have 3 classes that I really don’t like against the one class that I do like.

I’ve been getting headaches recently… I think it’s from eating all this cake… and all the other crap that I’ve been eating. It just hasn’t been a good 2 weeks for me.

So yeah, I’m basically venting right now.

Every day, I do really good, up until lunch time. Then it’s snack snack snack.

A lot more junk food than I should be eating, honestly.

I know I’ve got to do better. Lol. I’m driving myself nuts. Not to mention that I haven’t been able to do any walking since winter finally decided to hit.

But on the better note, Josh and I went back to the grocery store and picked up a ton of fruit and veggies. I’m just going to have to be careful on what I snack on.

There is no reason why I should be eating chips, and cake, and chocolate covered peanuts the way that I have been.

So I’ve just kind of got to get back on this…again. At least it’s only been 2 weeks (ish) and not MONTHS like it has been.

So tomorrow, I’m going to eat a good breakfast, a good (and filling) lunch…and stay away from the junk.

Oh yeah, and cram for an exam I have on the 15th. And write my essay. And read all my chapters plus notes……Joy oh Joy.

Wish me luck!!!!


P.S. There is this guy on CC that is total inspirational!!!! His name is Dave, he has lost a lot of weight, I had asked him if it would be alright by him to do a little post of him on here as a kind of “Look what you can do!!!!” story. He has graciously said I could go ahead and do it!!!! There are some really neat video’s of him (from TV), he’s going to be sending me some pictures…. and he’s an aspring novelist.


So keep an eye on on that blog post… it’ll be coming up soon!!!!!


P.S.S. I’ve had some issues with my domain, somehow they don’t have any record of me registering for it, so I’m attempting to get that squared away. Bear with me!!!!!

Ugh…not good

EDIT!!! I just realized today was Wednesday…. here I go on the scale!

So I’ve been a very very bad girl this past week-ish… lol.

My mom and older sister’s birthday is was this past weekend (yes, they have the same b-day)…. so we had chocolate cake with my mom which my little sis made – yummmmm-… and then China Buffet (and cake, and chips, and mini sausages in BBQ sauce) the following day with my sister…..

So in two days… I KNOW I blew my cals…. easily…. I’m not too bent out of shape about it. Instead of giving myself a cheat day a week, I have given myself specific days a year that I can cheat on…

Typically holidays (Mom’s cookies on Christmas, thanks a ton), birthdays (Brittany’s chocolate cake…Amanda’s China Buffett….guilty pleasures) …that kind of thing…. guilt free…

But every day before then… ouch….

I was just kind of like…mmmmm fooooood…. lol.

I’m definitely one of those people where I shouldn’t have junk food in the house, because I WILL eat it. Lol. I started off with 0 self control…and I’m up to maybe 10. Lol.

I can order at a restaurant and be careful…. I can usually be careful at home…. but this past week has been crazy. Lol.

So I’m expecting to lose nothing (or possibly gain) by Wednesday.

It sucks, sure…. But I know it isn’t going to destroy my goal…. Even if I gain this week I have a very realistic goal in mind.

I want to be able to stop losing weight by my 23rd b-day (October). I don’t have a definite weight that I wanna stop at…don’t get me wrong…145 would be amazing.

BUT I am going more on the terms of how I feel…. If I am perfectly comfortable at 160, then I’m going to stop…. 150? Gonna stop…. I just know I do not want to get any lower than 145. So it all depends on where I wanna stop.

So, I’m not too worried about it.

Sure, it sucks…. but I can just figure that I need to be more careful. And today’s the day (again…haha).

It’s better to catch myself slipping immediately, than just give up. You know?

I don’t know anyone who has lost weight and didn’t fluctuation a little bit (pound here, pound there)…. so yeah…

Just don’t expect any 2 pounds lost for Wednesday…. I haven’t weighed myself, so I might surprise myself…who knows….

I’m kind of anxious to see what the scale says…… I’m fighting with myself not to step on it!

But on other note. I have finally shown my mom and sisters this site…kind of keeping myself accountable kind of thing

(Hi Mom, Brittany, and Amanda!!!!)

So I know that they’ll be able to check this whenever the hell they want to, lol…… PRESSURE IS ON!

I also gave the link to my bestie JT (who I miss miss miss)…I dunno if he has popped in here or not…

But I think the pressure of people I know personally looking into this site is going to be a big boost….lol.

We’ll see!


Ahhh Grocery Shopping

So we went grocery shopping yesterday….Yay!

We pick up some staples (lean meats, laughing cow cheese, fruits and veggies) and my favorite thing…


Josh, Landon and I have been having some issues with some meals…

Like I have a recipe that is a gooey mac and cheese….

it has squash in it with the cheese (so it’s less cals in the cheese, and hidden veggies for Landon), spinach, broccoli…that kind of thing… all skim milk and low fat cheese…

Josh isn’t too fond of skim or low fat cheese.

Landon will not eat cooked broccoli

I don’t want chicken in mine, and I would prefer Laughing Cow cheese to sour cream.

So, perfect solution…. enter the ramkins… lol.

We can all kind of build our own pastas and throw them in the oven… simple enough that it isn’t like make a million different meals…

And also doing pot pies…. I can do personal sizes pot pies… and make mine lower calorie (more veggies, ground turkey) and make Josh and Landon’s more hearty…

That kind of thing.

Seriously consider getting yourself some! Plus they are small enough that it will help with portion control. I think they’ll fit 2 cups of whatever I stuff in there…. so it’ll be nothing to measure out my proper ammount and have a nice little salad on the side or something.

So invest in a couple of things…

1) Ramkins ($2.60 at Walmart, cheap, oven-table)
2) Food Scale ($10.00 at K-mart… or $3.00 online in several places)
3) Measuring cups
4) Small plates (think those kid’s plates)

That’s everything I use in the kitchen…

And then there are some food staples also

1) Laughing Cow Cheese (yummmm)
2) Cooking spray for sautee’ (0 cals, vs 50+ with butter or 100+ with oil)
3) Spicy seasonings (spicy foods up the metabolism for short periods of time)
4) Sweetener – like splenda or truvia (I know it isn’t all natural, but I love it)

So yeah, there we go…..

Good Luck!


You can do it!!!

YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!

Stay motivated!!!!! If you stay motivated you won’t want to quit!!!!!

1. Gossip!
Tell people what you are doing! Keep yourself accountable! I do this. Everyone who is close to me knows what I am doing. This blog is to keep me accountable. I don’t like admitting defeat. So it pushes me to continue. I hate telling people “I gained 2 pounds” ouch. It makes me want to continue. It’s embarrassing to tell people that you are losing weight….it’s like admitting you have a problem….trust me, I know firsthand. It’s better afterwards…honest! But it’s a support group on top of it. I lost so much more weight when I wasn’t trying to hide the fact that I was losing weight (I also got far less questioning and alarmed looks). It is essentially a support group. People that will congratulate you when you accomplish something, or encourage you to keep going when you have a slip up.

I’m not telling you to go out and start a website. If you want to, then go for it. If not, don’t force yourself to.

Just tell someone. Anyone.

2. Motivate yourself

There are half a million things that you can do to keep yourself motivated. I have several things help me push forward. I’m a firm believer in working towards a goal. If I don’t have a goal in mind, then I don’t feel the need to do something. It’s just a fact of my life, and my weight loss life is no different.

I find it easier to lose weight when you are working towards something. Other than the ending result of the goal weight.

I like the idea of having things that reflect both the past and the future. I love the idea of people who have buckets full of 5 pound bags of rice, every 5 pounds they lose they add a bag of rice, and they lift it once a month to remind themselves how much weight they had been carrying around. I do wonder what they do with the rice afterwards.

I have a goal jar. Whenever I hit one of my goals I put 10 dollars into a little jar. By the time I hit my goals, I’ll have 400 dollars saved up!

I have my chips (basically little chips that I give to myself whenever I lose a certain amount of weight. I’ll have to explain this better some day).

I have met people who do the bikini picture in the fridge. Or a tattoo.

Anything you can think of that will keep you pushing towards that end result. Find something to motivate yourself with. Set a goal for yourself. I have yet to meet one person that the “motivation method” hasn’t worked for.