Being Healthy?

I talk a lot of being healthy, and getting healthy. It’s one of the top reasons why I am (attempting) losing weight. But there is way more than that. Sure, I know I’ll be healthier when I am at a good weight… less chance for all that scary stuff.

I also want to make sure that I am healthy in other aspects of my life. So I am going to start visiting a doctor more regularly. Ok, ok, well… how about just regularly in general.

I typically avoid the doctor. I don’t even have a “regular physician.” There haven’t been many times that I have actually went and visited one. If I’m sick I just kind of deal with it… otherwise I check myself into the ER if there is something I am really concerned about. Like the time I was convinced I was having a heart attack. Seriously, I thought I was dying… doesn’t help I looked up my “symptoms” online, which of course several other “symptoms” started popping up. Checked myself in, got all hooked up in 2.5 seconds… blood tests, the whole nine yards.

I found out that I had just gotten heartburn for the first time ever, not knowing why my chest “hurt” I panicked and gave myself a full blown anxiety attack. Yeah… there are reasons I don’t go to the doctor. I don’t like those moments where I think there is something wrong, the doctor kind of gives me this indulgent look. I know he was laughing his ass off in the backroom after I left. Yeah.

It mainly why I try to take care of myself. But I have kind of kicked my own butt into realizing that I don’t know everything and WebMD isn’t a big help for someone who sees symptoms in everything.

At this point I am trying to get a ton of doctor’s appointments settled and under my belt. The whole nine yards. It’s kind of strange, I have all these doctors for Landon, but not for myself…so it’s kind of daunting to think of all the stuff I should be getting. So I’ve already got my lady doctor appointment all sorted out, getting my dentist sorted, and I’m looking to get a regular doctor for physicals and all that jazz.

I’m not getting all these appointments because I’m thinking something is wrong, but rather to make sure that I am doing ok in the “me being healthy” scheme of things. It just kind of feels important.

It’s been years since I have visited a regular doctor. Usually I just kind of drop in for an appointment (like when I visited the dietitian eons ago) and never go back. But I would actually like to start going at least annually to make sure everything is kosher.

So I’ve been a little phone crazy lately just to try and get all these appointments. And I’m actually quite proud of myself for taking the steps to get into the doctors. So we’ll see how it all goes…and after the initial appointments, I’ll have to make a point to continue going. Haha. Yeah.

How important are doctor’s visits to you?

Get Active!

 Get Active

Get moving! It’s really that simple. Do whatever you want to do that is going to get your heart rate up! I know, I know….exercise is EVIL….I agree wholeheartedly. My idea of a good time is NOT working out. Getting sweaty and out of breath is not my idea of fun….as soon as I call something “exercise” I INSTANTLY hate it….but it is totally possible to exercise get active without calling it that.

I do not like exercising at all. I’m totally guilty of that. If exercising was in the form of reading a book, then I would be all set. The whole idea of exercising is just repugnant to me. The whole heavy breathing and soreness is “torture and insanity” in my language. And don’t even get me started on being sweaty. I hate sweat. If there was one bodily function that I would put a stop to, it would be sweating. But it’s a necessary evil.

You don’t have to dive into the tank of “athletic people.” You know the typical things people think of when they hear exercise. Running. Lifting weights. That kind of thing. There are so many different options out there, you are bound to find something.

Really anything! I lost my first 30 pounds by walking 1/2 hour every night. It doesn’t have to be a gym membership…but if you like the idea, then do it!. Do something that you can learn to love. Set aside time to do it! (My BIGGEST problem). Josh has a shakeweight…hurts a helluva lot, but I’m kind of addicted…. prepare for a 5k…. join a roller derby team (BTW…if anyone from my hometown is reading this…we NEED one!!!)

It really just that simple. Get active. No one cares what kind of things you do to get active. There isn’t a rule on what activities you should do, or what you shouldn’t do. My thought…as long as it burns calories…you’re in a good place.

There are so many things that you can try out. Just because you start something doesn’t mean you are stuck there forever. I tried out the gym, wasn’t too much fun (until I went with my little sister) so I don’t make a point to go. I tried out boxing, and I love it…so it’s something that I would like to continue.

Seriously….do ANYTHING!!!! Just get up and move.


Every single person needs some kind of motivational tool…hell, I have NUMEROUS…..

Everytime I feel myself getting to a point where I feel like I am slowly down I do something new.

1) Magnets on the fridge with funny inspiration quotes….

2) Mini magnets on the fridge with weights on them…every time I lose weight I take one down, when I gain I put one back


and my favorite one….


A goals poster… drew one and wrote all my goals on it…about 40… when I reach a goals I’m gonna mark it off and put 10 dollars in an old pickle jar….. by the time I finish the goals I’ll have 400 dollars to spend!!! I’ve got all kinds of goals – reach my goal weight, run 5k, walk 150 miles…that kind of thing…


Everything is made by me….so it’s more personal… kind of like “hey… look at me!!!” you know?

Anything… keep an outfit from when you start your journey so when you are done you can put them on and see how much you’ve lost, make a mural of how you’d like to look. Every time you feel like you are slowing down do something to mix it up. I like to make my own stuff only because I’m an arts and crafts kind of person….it gets me twice as excited to keep going because I now have an excuse to make something.

Just really anything you can think of to get you going will help.

Some people take pictures of themselves in their underwear and stick it in the fridge
Some people will wear weights that equal how much they have lost and walk or run a mile in it
Others write themselves letters

It all depends on what you think will help you…. motivation is a great tool to help keep you on track……

Give it a try!