Yesterday’s Festivities (weigh in day)

Yesterday was kind of odd. I’m not sure if it was a good day or not.

It was awesome spending time with Josh and Landon. Had to go to TC for my exam (as I’ve been complaining about). Up until the exam it was pretty great. We went out and had some AMAZING nosh.

Of course, amazing to me is typically McDonalds…but we went to Red Lobster. It was that or Panda North (sushi place) but Landon chose Red Lobster.

It was so good.

Started off with a nice salad.

They didn’t have any fat free ranch or italian (my go to dressings) but there was this amazing red wine dressing. It was a little sweet, with a noticeable winey kind of taste. Nummy Nummy Nummy.
Then of course they had to bring out the Cheddar Biscuits. Oh dear. These are probably the best biscuits in the world. Cheddary and garlicky…amazingness. I only at….oh four of them (part of the not so good) teehee.
And then main course was some lobster tail, garlic shrimp scampi, and some grilled shrimp, with a pathetically small amount of steamed broccoli. Haha.
Now, all proud of me. I didn’t use the butter!!!! Although the scampi had enough of it in it. Still, it was awesome. The rice wasn’t too hot, but really who goes to eat the rice? It would be like eating the lone piece of lettuce and orange slice when ordering a steak. Forget that.
But it was really nice.
On the otherhand…I bombed my test. I wanted to cry.
I had studied but the minute I sat down with the test I panicked. Forgot everything I had been studying for WEEKS. Forgot all my notes, all my reading, all my optional review questions. Forgot everything.
I managed to scrape with a 79%
It’s only a B- (FAIL for me). But it’s horrible, it was my Anthropology exam, which breaks my hear since that is my major.
If I figure it out I should have a 99% in the class, it reads as a 90% right now, so I’m not really sure what’s going on with that.
But it sucks. I haven’t freaked out that much before an exam since highschool. Go figure.
Grrrrr. Not happy.
So onward to my weigh in day.

Last week: 187.4
This week: 191.4

Grrrrr….I’m NOT happy with myself. Especially since when I cheated and weighed myself on Monday I was 187.3.

So somehow I gained 4 pounds in the last 2 days.

I’m sincerely hoping that it’s just because I had such a bad day yesterday. I mean, Red Lobster and a midnight snack of BK…. yeah…. not too good.

I had a pretty good week, wasn’t stellar, but it was ok-ish. I was NOT expecting that number.

At the most I was expecting 188 something. Not back in the 190s.

Who on earth gains four pounds in a day and a half? I would have had to have eaten over 8000 cals in the past two days for that to even be possible. Which I most certainly did not.

While there are numerous reason for something like this (bloating, eating too close to the weigh in, all that kind of stuff) so I’m going to weigh myself tomorrow to see if the scale still says that icky number.

I hope not.

So I’m going to be a little mopey, if you don’t mind.


Anyone else have those moments where you want to throw the scale out the window????

Weigh in day (NSV)

This morning was interesting. I’ve been waiting for this weigh in for DAYS. And this morning I had an rather abrubt hospital wake up call, so needless to say my weigh in got delayed until about 20 minutes ago. Poop.

But…on that note, if I could get a drumroll please….

Last week = 190.8
This week = 187.4
down 3.4 pounds!

Holy crap-a-pa-looza! I have no idea where these huge numbers are coming from. 3.2 last week and 3.4 this week. That’s awesome. Although I’m practically 100% certain it’s actually nothing more than a combination of being ill and no more bloating. But still, I’m thrilled.

I did a happy dance right on the scale (which was probably screaming “GET OFF OF ME”) I’m happy!!!!!

I only have to lose about 3 and a half pounds before I can get my -80 chip! I’ll be DOWN 80 pounds…. in 2 weeks. That’s what I’m shooting for.

So, after my minor breakdown yesterday with the whole lovehandles ordeal. And hitting this monument (I can call it that, it IS one to me) I wanted to throw out a moment of NSV.

I had always thought that NSV stood for “Non Sufficient Value” haha. Apparently here in the weight loss world, it stands for “Non Scale Victory” Victories in you weight loss that has nothing to do with the numbers on the scale.

And victories do I have,

I wanted to share (and remind myself) of the three NSV moments that literally had me in tears.

1. Goal Shorts.

Quite a while ago I had bought a pair of shorts from a thrift shop that were intentionally too small. And we’re talking SMALL. I couldn’t button them, and my thighs…. resembled sausages stuffed in too tiny casing.

An image I’m sure will be burned into your retina.

Oh yea..super bratwurst

I tried them on yesterday, and this is what I was greeted with.


They are still tight in the waist…but come this summer, I’ll be strutting my stuff in SHORTS this summer for the first time in FOREVER!!!!!

2. Wearing size TEN jeans.

I literally cried in the dressing room when I tried them on!!!!!

And my number one NSV….

3. Landon’s Compliment.

I know I’m baised…but he’s a cutie!

My little man, 4 years old… looked at me not too long ago, patted my tummy and said “where’d your belly go, Mommy? You’re pretty.”

Lets have a collective awwwwwww moment.

So there you go. My three top NSV moments.

Tell me about your NSV!!!!

Weigh in Day (mmmm Coffee)

It’s ucky out. Yesterday is was Beautiful! The sun was shining, so pretty! The day before ucky. I find it funny that both days of my c25k had been crappy out…go figure.

It’s days like this that I want a hot hot hot latte. Yumm. This right here, is the perfect latte.

2 shots of espresso
skim milk with a nice layer of foam
a light dusting of cinnamon on top

Now, not to toot my own horn, but I make a pretty amazing latte (my cappuccinos are even better…and no a cappuccino does NOT come out of a little machine at the gas station. It’s literally nothing but espresso and foam)

Now. I’m a self-certified coffee junkie. I blame it on working at a coffee shop for two years.

I got pretty good at it…I even started learning latte art.

An attempt of a flower by yours truly

I know a little something something about lattes. And I love them! A pity they can cash in at 200 cals a pop 🙁

So, I want one. Something fierce. And I figured it was weather permitting to tell you about it.

But…on further note… I take my coffee black. Dark roast. No sugar or cream to mar the flavor. *sigh* I probably drink far too much coffee (I’m on my 4th cup and I’m sure there are more to come!)

So other than wanting a latte…

It’s been a pretty good week, I think. I’ve been eating really good, moving more, and I have been drinking a TON of water. But I have gotten my monthly visit (sorry lads) so I’m not entirely sure how accurate the scale reads. Of course.

Last week = 194
This week = 190.8
down 3.2 pounds!

I’m not too sure how that is possible, since I always bloat during my “time.” But I’m pretty ecstatic. I’ve been loosing a pound, gaining a pound for MONTHS. So it’s about time that I got back on track.

Trust me, I stepped on and off the scale about a million times.

But the awesome thing…I have all of .8 pounds until I hit that magical 189!!!!

I can’t wait! I did a little jig in the bathroom…. poor mirror had to witness some chunky naked dancing!!! But I don’t care.

I could sing!