Busy Busy! (Late weigh in day)

First new post with my own domain!!!!

It’s kind of exciting… I’ve been super busy with attempting to get everything transferred over. It’s been insane. I’ve also been attempting to make a new layout to go with the new domain. Still a work in progress!

I’ve got all the important stuff in here, all I’m missing is pictures. Pictures. Pictures. That always seems to be the issue with me. But I’m flipping through all my pictures to attempt to put some around.

I feel like there should be a little cadence playing. Like a congratulatory one. But I honestly think that I’m the only person who is that excited about this. How geeky am I?

It’s been a long long long while since I have posted, what almost a week? For that, I’m sorry. I like to try and post everyday. That hasn’t been the case (obviously). But I’ll do better.

I’ve been so busy. I’ve had work, preparing for my summer class (I leave on the 2nd), learning this WordPress stuff..among a million other things, it’s kind of been insane.

But I know I haven’t been eating well. I already know that. We’ve had errands this whole week which has (more than once) landed us in a fast food joint in a hurry. I could blame it simply on that, but I’ve been going on and on about how you should make “good choices” and I know I haven’t. So I’m treating this week as a cheat week.

A cheat week that has been in my favor!

I had honestly thought that I was going to gain some weight. I wouldn’t have been surprised if I did, but I didn’t.

Last week: 186.8
This week: 186.0
Down .8 pounds

Hey still a loss! A whole lot better than what I thought I was going to manage. Yay! It’s almost a pound. I’m not going to complain about that little .2 of a pound that didn’t go away. I’m actually pretty happy with that.

But I’ve been preparing for when I leave on the second. I can already tell you that I highly doubt that I am going to get a post in until later that night. I’m leaving my house at 6:30 am in order to make it to class by 8:30, and I’ll be there ALL DAY LONG.

But I’m starting to get my meals planned out while I’m there. Avoiding restaurants like the plague. Drinking a ton of water. But I really can’t wait.
I think this week will be good for me, as far as weight loss goes. I’m going to be in a class room for a good portion of the day as well as at the lake…so it won’t really be like I’ll have time to snack too much. I am preparing to bring a small lunchbox full of some munchies (healthy ones, like carrot sticks or something)

Other than all that, there hasn’t really been much on the weight loss frontier for me.

Tell me, anyone have some unexpected weight loss???

Super-Marvelous-Awesome (Weigh-in day)

So today was just an awesome weigh in. Makes me feel AWESOME!

Last week: 190.2
This week: 186.8
Down 3.4 pounds

I had been hoping for some large weight loss, so I’m glad that it was large. I really was. Especially since last week’s weigh-in I’m pretty positive that I was bloating since my TTotM had hit (sorry all you boys reading this). At least, I’m assuming that I was bloated,haha.

On top of that, I’ve been burning massive amounts of calories while at work. I’ve been pretty good this past week. So overall, I’m pretty happy with myself.

And this time around, after losing an AWESOME amount of weight, I’m not going to get cocky (or whatever the heck happened two weeks ago)…and I’m just going to keep going.

Hopefully by next week I’ll be able to get my -80 chip!!!!!

For those of you who don’t know about my chips, I got the idea from that movie Arthur (you know, the one with Russell Brand). SPOILER ALERT there is one part in it where he is attending AA meetings and he was playing with this little chip. SPOILER OVER You hear about people going to AA meetings and they get chips for going a certain amount of time being sober.

So oddly enough it’s kind of symbolic, and I couldn’t get it out of my mind so I had to steal the idea.

It made perfect sense to me at the time. They get chips for accomplishing goals defeating their own demons. And for me it’s the same kind of sense.Getting chips for losing my demons (pounds)

Clever, huh? If you don’t think it’s too clever, don’t tell me. Just let me think that I had this amazingly brilliant clever idea. Haha.

But my chips are pretty much on a -10 scale. So every 10 pounds I lose I get a chip. I also have “checkpoint chips”…. So when I’ve hit my halfway point (already have it)… when I’ve hit that 3/4 mark… when I hit -100 pounds.That kind of thing.

And then, since the last 10 pounds are always the hardest, the last few chips I’ll get are -5 until I get my “I DID IT” chip.

Get it?

I hope I didn’t confuse you too much.

But I’m super excited about it, because in 2.8 pounds I will get my -80chip!!!!!

It’s lame to be excited about it, but I really am.

It is the one main motivational thing that I have that I am actually really excited for.

I’m thinking tonight is going to be another boxing/sparring night with Josh. It’ll be fun!!!! And this time I won’t bop myself in the face.

Although tonight is the season finale of Revenge.

I’m super sad about it, it’s been season finales all week. Supernatural ended, Glee ended, Once upon a Time ended…… Psych ended a while ago…

But the good news is that White Collar and Pretty Little Liars is coming back on the air soon.

So I’m going to have to do some couch exercising while I’m sitting around watching it all. Haha.

If you can’t tell, Josh and I are definitely TV buffs. We have a list of about 8 shows that we watch ALL THE TIME. We have to keep up on them.

So yeah, we’re pretty lame… but it’s our thing.

The ONLY thing that is missing is having a Chinese food night along with one of our shows. We’ll incorporate that slowly…. Josh is a “Chinese food once a month (if you’re lucky)” kind of guy.

I’m a “Gimme gimme gimme” kinda gal…and don’t get me started on Sushi (I know that isn’t Chinese…but still delish). But we don’t have a Sushi shop around here.

Poop. So tonight I’m going have a nice night of Revenge and yummy (not chinese) food.

Got my days mixed up (Weigh in Day)

I can’t believe I missed yesterdays post…sorry! I had my days messed up.

It has not been a good week. I’m not going to make excuses this time around.

I got cocky. Very cocky. After the “scary” 191 weigh in last week, I weighed myself the next day because I didn’t think it was possible for a 4 pound weight gain…which technically it shouldn’t have been seeing as how I followed my plan (mostly). So when I weighed myself the next day I was 189. Made me happy….and I got cocky.

I can literally feel myself slipping. Badly. I’ve been giving myself excuses for the last couple of months. For the first weigh in for January I weighed 199. And as of today…

Last week: 191.4

This week: 192.6


I gained a pound in this past week. Well, if you want to be technical I’ve gained 2.7 pounds if you count the 189.9 that I was last Thursday.

So really in the last 4 months I have lost only 6.4 pounds.

It’s still a loss, I know that, but with all the lose and then gain and then lose again…. it’s tedious.

There are just some days that I’m almost powerless to stop myself. I get into mini arguments with myself….

“Well, might as well eat whatever the hell you want, you already screwed up with breakfast.”

“Eh, you can just restart tomorrow.”

It sucks, really.

I know this is my fault, I really do. I haven’t been exercising the way I should be. I definitely haven’t been eating the way I am supposed to.

I feel like every single time that I would start a “diet” and then just give up. I know if something doesn’t change, I’m going to find myself on the fast route to 200 (or maybe even 264) if I’m not careful.

I’m sick of the “yo-yo” weigh ins.

And it takes this moment of sitting down with myself and focusing on what actually matters.

I think my two biggest problems would have to be that I’m not really counting like I should be….It’s something that I’m STILL learning… there are some things that I know right off the bat. But not enough to eat consciously without using the caloriecount.about.com crutch.

This is that stopping moment…again…. but I’m hoping this will be the last time.

It’s so discouraging. I’ve been doing this since I was 19. For the last 3 years I’ve been losing weight (and admittedly gaining, and having plateaus)

At this point, if I had been losing weight regularly I should have lost close to 30 pounds since January. And that’s only going with 1.5 pounds a week. And I’ve only lost 6.

Ugh, yucky.

So, I am going to lose at least 1.5 pounds this week. It’s going to be ok. I’m determined. I’ve got to keep this consistent.

So after that long “woe is me” post, I’m just going to get off of here, suit up and get ready for my jog (which I also haven’t done in a L-O-N-G time. Oops). I’m going to eat a great lunch, and get back on track!


But hey, everyone has a hard time losing weight. Anyone who lost weight super easily without any problems are either the god of weight loss, or not telling the whole story.

So, since you are all reading my “story” I’m going to make myself accountable (again) and get down to business!!!!

So to keep myself accountable, I’m going to list out the exercising that I’m going to for the following day.

So today, I’m going to do my c25k week three. And I’m going to actually bust out the sparring gloves with Josh and get on with it.

Tomorrow, I’m going to go to work (where I burn a ton of cals) and later that night I’m going to do some jump roping.

Yup. That’s what I’m going to do!

Wish me luck!

Yesterday’s Festivities (weigh in day)

Yesterday was kind of odd. I’m not sure if it was a good day or not.

It was awesome spending time with Josh and Landon. Had to go to TC for my exam (as I’ve been complaining about). Up until the exam it was pretty great. We went out and had some AMAZING nosh.

Of course, amazing to me is typically McDonalds…but we went to Red Lobster. It was that or Panda North (sushi place) but Landon chose Red Lobster.

It was so good.

Started off with a nice salad.

They didn’t have any fat free ranch or italian (my go to dressings) but there was this amazing red wine dressing. It was a little sweet, with a noticeable winey kind of taste. Nummy Nummy Nummy.
Then of course they had to bring out the Cheddar Biscuits. Oh dear. These are probably the best biscuits in the world. Cheddary and garlicky…amazingness. I only at….oh four of them (part of the not so good) teehee.
And then main course was some lobster tail, garlic shrimp scampi, and some grilled shrimp, with a pathetically small amount of steamed broccoli. Haha.
Now, all proud of me. I didn’t use the butter!!!! Although the scampi had enough of it in it. Still, it was awesome. The rice wasn’t too hot, but really who goes to eat the rice? It would be like eating the lone piece of lettuce and orange slice when ordering a steak. Forget that.
But it was really nice.
On the otherhand…I bombed my test. I wanted to cry.
I had studied but the minute I sat down with the test I panicked. Forgot everything I had been studying for WEEKS. Forgot all my notes, all my reading, all my optional review questions. Forgot everything.
I managed to scrape with a 79%
It’s only a B- (FAIL for me). But it’s horrible, it was my Anthropology exam, which breaks my hear since that is my major.
If I figure it out I should have a 99% in the class, it reads as a 90% right now, so I’m not really sure what’s going on with that.
But it sucks. I haven’t freaked out that much before an exam since highschool. Go figure.
Grrrrr. Not happy.
So onward to my weigh in day.

Last week: 187.4
This week: 191.4

Grrrrr….I’m NOT happy with myself. Especially since when I cheated and weighed myself on Monday I was 187.3.

So somehow I gained 4 pounds in the last 2 days.

I’m sincerely hoping that it’s just because I had such a bad day yesterday. I mean, Red Lobster and a midnight snack of BK…. yeah…. not too good.

I had a pretty good week, wasn’t stellar, but it was ok-ish. I was NOT expecting that number.

At the most I was expecting 188 something. Not back in the 190s.

Who on earth gains four pounds in a day and a half? I would have had to have eaten over 8000 cals in the past two days for that to even be possible. Which I most certainly did not.

While there are numerous reason for something like this (bloating, eating too close to the weigh in, all that kind of stuff) so I’m going to weigh myself tomorrow to see if the scale still says that icky number.

I hope not.

So I’m going to be a little mopey, if you don’t mind.


Anyone else have those moments where you want to throw the scale out the window????

Weigh in day (NSV)

This morning was interesting. I’ve been waiting for this weigh in for DAYS. And this morning I had an rather abrubt hospital wake up call, so needless to say my weigh in got delayed until about 20 minutes ago. Poop.

But…on that note, if I could get a drumroll please….

Last week = 190.8
This week = 187.4
down 3.4 pounds!

Holy crap-a-pa-looza! I have no idea where these huge numbers are coming from. 3.2 last week and 3.4 this week. That’s awesome. Although I’m practically 100% certain it’s actually nothing more than a combination of being ill and no more bloating. But still, I’m thrilled.

I did a happy dance right on the scale (which was probably screaming “GET OFF OF ME”) I’m happy!!!!!

I only have to lose about 3 and a half pounds before I can get my -80 chip! I’ll be DOWN 80 pounds…. in 2 weeks. That’s what I’m shooting for.

So, after my minor breakdown yesterday with the whole lovehandles ordeal. And hitting this monument (I can call it that, it IS one to me) I wanted to throw out a moment of NSV.

I had always thought that NSV stood for “Non Sufficient Value” haha. Apparently here in the weight loss world, it stands for “Non Scale Victory” Victories in you weight loss that has nothing to do with the numbers on the scale.

And victories do I have,

I wanted to share (and remind myself) of the three NSV moments that literally had me in tears.

1. Goal Shorts.

Quite a while ago I had bought a pair of shorts from a thrift shop that were intentionally too small. And we’re talking SMALL. I couldn’t button them, and my thighs…. resembled sausages stuffed in too tiny casing.

An image I’m sure will be burned into your retina.

Oh yea..super bratwurst

I tried them on yesterday, and this is what I was greeted with.


They are still tight in the waist…but come this summer, I’ll be strutting my stuff in SHORTS this summer for the first time in FOREVER!!!!!

2. Wearing size TEN jeans.

I literally cried in the dressing room when I tried them on!!!!!

And my number one NSV….

3. Landon’s Compliment.

I know I’m baised…but he’s a cutie!

My little man, 4 years old… looked at me not too long ago, patted my tummy and said “where’d your belly go, Mommy? You’re pretty.”

Lets have a collective awwwwwww moment.

So there you go. My three top NSV moments.

Tell me about your NSV!!!!