Weigh in Day (mmmm Coffee)

It’s ucky out. Yesterday is was Beautiful! The sun was shining, so pretty! The day before ucky. I find it funny that both days of my c25k had been crappy out…go figure.

It’s days like this that I want a hot hot hot latte. Yumm. This right here, is the perfect latte.

2 shots of espresso
skim milk with a nice layer of foam
a light dusting of cinnamon on top

Now, not to toot my own horn, but I make a pretty amazing latte (my cappuccinos are even better…and no a cappuccino does NOT come out of a little machine at the gas station. It’s literally nothing but espresso and foam)

Now. I’m a self-certified coffee junkie. I blame it on working at a coffee shop for two years.

I got pretty good at it…I even started learning latte art.

An attempt of a flower by yours truly

I know a little something something about lattes. And I love them! A pity they can cash in at 200 cals a pop 🙁

So, I want one. Something fierce. And I figured it was weather permitting to tell you about it.

But…on further note… I take my coffee black. Dark roast. No sugar or cream to mar the flavor. *sigh* I probably drink far too much coffee (I’m on my 4th cup and I’m sure there are more to come!)

So other than wanting a latte…

It’s been a pretty good week, I think. I’ve been eating really good, moving more, and I have been drinking a TON of water. But I have gotten my monthly visit (sorry lads) so I’m not entirely sure how accurate the scale reads. Of course.

Last week = 194
This week = 190.8
down 3.2 pounds!

I’m not too sure how that is possible, since I always bloat during my “time.” But I’m pretty ecstatic. I’ve been loosing a pound, gaining a pound for MONTHS. So it’s about time that I got back on track.

Trust me, I stepped on and off the scale about a million times.

But the awesome thing…I have all of .8 pounds until I hit that magical 189!!!!

I can’t wait! I did a little jig in the bathroom…. poor mirror had to witness some chunky naked dancing!!! But I don’t care.

I could sing!