Get those steps in!

Good morning everyone! I know, I know, it’s been over a month since my last post. What can I say? I’ve been busy with all those priorities I’d talked about over a month ago.

Slow progress in the priority setting, but still, making headway.

Along with all the things that I’ve been trying to squeeze time into, I’ve been making baby steps into trying to get myself back on track. Not just my weight loss, but as a whole. In my life. Honestly, there is so much going on right now (and quite a few backslide moments) that it could be a whole post in itself. Short simple version, tldr: version, I’m making some changes in my life.

And if anyone of you follow me on Instagram – there’s been more and more motivational crap that I’ve found myself posting. I’m not even getting started on my Pinterest. If you don’t, here’s a little montage for you!

One of the biggest ones, as far as weight loss goes, is walking. When I’d been wayyyy up there at 264 pounds, one of the only things I was physically capable of doing was walking. We’d strap baby Landon in a stroller and walk around the block. We’d started off with just two laps, to walking around the block several times – sometimes for an hour or two. Can we say S-L-O-W. Win-win of having a 1.5 year old little guy in a stroller, he wanted to see EVERYTHING, which meant slower walking for mom.

I’d lost the first 50 pounds by just walking.

So I’ve gotten back into that. Granted, it’s not so much walking around the block, or taking leisurely strolls. It’s more of a work requirement. But still, I’m counting on it.

And that little FitBit is seriously the best tool I’ve ever gotten for myself in the form of exercise! I used to have a tracker, but it had a chest strap you had to wear. Wasn’t a fan of that part. But I went ahead and got myself a little FitBit. And I adore it. To the point where I get all kinds of “OH Noooooooo” when I have to take it off to charge. If you have one, you’d understand.


The last week or so I’ve been walking a TON. I actually have my goal steps set up as only 6,000… because realistically, I was lucky to walk 3500 steps per day – sedentary jobs will get ya! So I couldn’t just jump into walking 10k steps per day. That wasn’t going to happen. However, I freaking crushed it!

Not to mention that my cousin actually added me to a walking challenge running Monday-Friday. And you know what?


I walked a whopping 62k steps from Monday through Friday! A little over 12k steps per day! You don’t understand, that makes me so happy. That little competitive spark in my flew right through 60k steps!

So, I guess we’ll see how any of this extra walking has helped my weight loss! Optimisitc? You bet your ass I am!

Running a 5k? Still?

Do you all remember back in December when I’d said something about running a 5k in September?

Well, here we are in April, and that is still the goal. Who’da thought, four months later and that’s still a thing? Considering, when I showed up training last month and our Superwoman Training Head Honcho Superwoman was still 100% gung-ho all abouts it (which of course, made me all gung=ho about it)? Yep, still happening. Do you see what I mean about The WonderWoman of Commitment???

Anyways, still hoping to do the Color Run!

Unfortunately the only ones in our state happened on Monday and it’ll come again in July. I keep obsessively checking the website to see if they’ve updated through to November (we’d heard that they generally have on in November), but they haven’t. #boo

Granted, November pushes our date well past the original September, but still. I’m still pretty optimistic that they’ll have on closer to our date, there is still a city in my state that hasn’t been listed as far as dates go, and I even went and signed up for a notification for when that time comes.

We’re in uncharted territory, people! I don’t believe I’ve actually ever signed up to receive updates. It’s not the same as signing up to actually run it, but still. Baby steps.

So, aside from that preparation… I’m getting ready to start the c25k program all over again.

It’s early, but it takes 9 weeks. And I have no clue when the day is going to be posted. Earlier I start the earlier I can finish. Silver Lining.

Biggest problem right now is the snow. In case you didn’t know, Michigan has no understanding of how seasons work. We have a good 4-8 inches in my area. Definitely not jogging/walking weather for someone who hates running, and also hates being cold. I’m really hoping all this snow is gone by May (how sad is it that us Michiganders can’t be sure if we’ll still have snow in MAY?!) so I can get a good head start in the whole business of running a 5k in general.

I figure if I get going on this devil’s errand as early as possible, I might be in good shape for when I ACTUALLY RUN A 5K.

We shall see!

I think I’m doing a 5k?

Imagine you’re going to the season finale of your job’s monthly training. And through some half-joking/half-serious/half-bluffing you mention running a 5k. Then imagine your training coordinator (as in the head honcho, superwoman of training, wonderwoman of commitment) says the following phrase:

“Well, then. We’ll run a 5k in September.”

What do you do with that?

I’ll tell you.

You freaking prepare yourself for a 5k in t-minus 9 months. You freaking do a 5k in September! Duh!

Generally, the thought of running grosses me out. Yeah, yeah, I know… I’ve said half a dozen times I’m going to do a 5k. It’s literally the very first goal on my NSV list of things I wanna be able to accomplish on the goals page.

It’s always been on my bucket list of things. If you’d followed this blog for any length of tie, I’d started the c25k program back in 2012 AND back in 2014.

Neither time was successful. I believe the furthest I made it was day 12? Although, that was BRUTAL.

The first time around, I was just entertaining the idea. The second time I’d thought I’d have some friends going with me. Biggest difference for both times… I didn’t have the Head Honch, SUPERWOMAN of training, WONDERWOMAN of commitment saying “let’s do it!”

After my initial “haha, yeah, ok” train of thought, then the “wait, I think she’s serious,” then to “shock” the idea sounds pretty awesome. And surprisingly, I’m pretty excited. For now. I’m pretty sure that train of thought will change when I’m gasping for breath trying to jog to the mailbox.

But it’s one of those things. You say something off the wall, for shits and giggles… then there is that one person on the FACE OF THIS PLANET who has this amazing talent to make you actually want to do the things you’re uncomfortable or scared of doing.


But for the sake of my sanity. I’m looking into the Color Run. You know… the 5k run/walk that people throw colored powder on you? I want something fun for my doom. And color powder will at least make my doom pretty, happy, and fun.

People say to find motivation in everything you do. #workgoals

It’ll be interesting.

Now, I’m NOT a runner. Never been a runner. Probably won’t ever be a “runner.” So I know I need to ease into it. So I’ll be getting back on the c25k wagon. When it get closer to that time, I’ll be keeping you updated!

Until then,

Do these things even work

Busy, busy week!

The last week or so have been a bit of a whirlwind. Getting this blog up and running for what feels like the millionth time, getting all kinds of school supplies (can’t say I’ve ever had to buy tennis balls before now), and starting a new school year! It’s been a hustle bustle life.

Landon started second grade a few days ago and sending a seven year old to his first day of school is so much different than sending a six year old. I’m not kidding. He loves school. Loves reading and math. No sooner did summer break end he was asking when he could go back to school. He missed his friends, teachers, and his schoolwork. So it wasn’t a surprise that he was super anxious to go back to school. I’m just going to fist pump a second in honor of him being excited to learn. Let’s hope that continues! But…six year old Landon was all kinds of bummed going back to school. He missed us. Yay! Granted last year was a bit upsetting for school to be starting, but still. This year, he is all “grown up” and I’m more bummed about him going to school than he is.

Go figure.

So, it’s just the one kiddo at home during the week. And she’s not that much company, she is now officially three months old yesterday. And she defiinitely acts like a three month old. She eats, sleeps, poops all day long. Of course, when she is awake it’s all smiles or glares (she’s a very grumpy looking baby).

So while she napped yesterday, I attempted to exercise.


There is nothing more sad than watching me trying to do squats, lunges, and lifting heavy things. I wanted to go outside and walk but thanks to the rain that wasn’t really an option. I’ll be fine walking in the rain, heck I’d done c25k in the rain. But walking in the cold rain with a three month old… probably not the best idea. So inside we stayed.

There was definitely a moment of hesitation there, I wondered if my legs even remembered what in the heck a lunge was. Hmmm, nope.

But I realized, I am so out of shape. Regardless of the number on the scale, going so long without exercisings has certainly done a number on my muscles. And my poor lungs. And joints. And self esteem.

Definitely for that last one.

I know it’ll take some time to get to a point where exercsing (for a grand total of 20 minutes) isn’t going to feel horrible, but I am so impatient.

It’s so strange when I think back to 50 pounds ago. Sure, I didn’t exercise all that regularly, but when I did exercise it was so much easier than it is now. I find I can’t just jump into doing things that were fairly easy manageable at a much lighter weight. I struggled with exercise, certainly. Mostly because I loathe it. I’m not even kidding. I don’t like feeling out of breath, sweaty, or sore. All of which go hand in hand with physical activity. But when I did exercise I hardly complained about how inadequate I was at it. Everyday I accomplished something new. Lifted something heavier, pushed myself a little bit harder and further. It was like accomplishing a goal.

Now, I realize I have to start with beginners activity goals. I can’t expect that after (over) a year of no exercise and gaining almost 40 pounds that I’ll just be able to bounce right back into doing things.


So rather than being discouraged (which, clearly I was, otherwise this post wouldn’t exist) I need to set realistic expectations and goals for getting back to where I was at and past that point.

Make a decision, and goal, to workout more regularly. Get through this awkward “ugh, I hate this. I hurt. Look at my legs shaking! I need airrrr” point and bust my tushie.

I think that is what is so scary for many people just starting to workout. They know it’ll be hard, and probably not feel the best. And it’s like walking head first in to a situation that you know is just going to suck. Then come the excuses, and the procrastination, and then giving up before you’ve even started. I know this, because I’ve done this. Time and time and time and time, and time again.

But hey. That’s kind of how it works. Starting anything is hard work. Right? Well, maybe not to you out there who are naturals at EVERYTHING! There were some things that I really liked. Walking, POUND, sad attempts at yoga… and that’s probably my best start at not feeling horrible about working out.

Yeah, I’m such a downer.

I know that the first steps to getting back into shape is actually doing it. So yeah, here I am…super unenthused… but determined to start. Ohhh my legs.


Get Active!

 Get Active

Get moving! It’s really that simple. Do whatever you want to do that is going to get your heart rate up! I know, I know….exercise is EVIL….I agree wholeheartedly. My idea of a good time is NOT working out. Getting sweaty and out of breath is not my idea of fun….as soon as I call something “exercise” I INSTANTLY hate it….but it is totally possible to exercise get active without calling it that.

I do not like exercising at all. I’m totally guilty of that. If exercising was in the form of reading a book, then I would be all set. The whole idea of exercising is just repugnant to me. The whole heavy breathing and soreness is “torture and insanity” in my language. And don’t even get me started on being sweaty. I hate sweat. If there was one bodily function that I would put a stop to, it would be sweating. But it’s a necessary evil.

You don’t have to dive into the tank of “athletic people.” You know the typical things people think of when they hear exercise. Running. Lifting weights. That kind of thing. There are so many different options out there, you are bound to find something.

Really anything! I lost my first 30 pounds by walking 1/2 hour every night. It doesn’t have to be a gym membership…but if you like the idea, then do it!. Do something that you can learn to love. Set aside time to do it! (My BIGGEST problem). Josh has a shakeweight…hurts a helluva lot, but I’m kind of addicted…. prepare for a 5k…. join a roller derby team (BTW…if anyone from my hometown is reading this…we NEED one!!!)

It really just that simple. Get active. No one cares what kind of things you do to get active. There isn’t a rule on what activities you should do, or what you shouldn’t do. My thought…as long as it burns calories…you’re in a good place.

There are so many things that you can try out. Just because you start something doesn’t mean you are stuck there forever. I tried out the gym, wasn’t too much fun (until I went with my little sister) so I don’t make a point to go. I tried out boxing, and I love it…so it’s something that I would like to continue.

Seriously….do ANYTHING!!!! Just get up and move.