So, I have goals. Obviously…as everyone has goals.

So here they all are. In nice little list bullet form. I’ll be coming back here to update my goals, so keep an eye out for them!

Number goals

Lose 10% of my highest weight – 26 pounds – September 23, 2015
Lose 20% of my highest weight – 52 pounds – July 12, 2017
Lose 25% of my highest weight – 66 pounds – August 15, 2018
Get back to ONEderland
Lose 80 pounds total
Lose 100 pounds total
Get back to my pre-pregnancy weight
Get back to my lowest weight
Start maintaining

Non-scale victories
Run a 5k
Do 10 pull ups
Get my girl power on in Mudderella! (and show some Domestic Violence support)
Do a handstand
Run a 10k
Master a yoga pose
Do 10 push ups
Hold a plank for 30 seconds
Go shopping without hating it
Run up the Rocky stairs! (Philadelphia Museum of Art)
Do a back walkover like I could almost do in high school
Do the splits like I could actually do in high school
Get my Oliver Queen Sara Lance on with the Salmon Ladder
Wear my pre-pregnancy clothes comfortably

So. There you go. The goals I’ve got as of this moment. I might update some things. I might change some things. Who knows. These are just the things I’d like to accomplish right now.

Wish me luck!

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