GAINED – Weigh in Wednesday

As I’m sure you noticed, I was absent last week. I didn’t fall off the face of the Earth like I usually do. Promise.

Last week was crazy busy. Was downstate for two days for training for my job. Clocking in a ridiculous amount of hours for my work week, not including the hotel stay. Plus running errand when I had a chance. Plus getting ready for school shopping. Plus re-apply to college (yeah, you read that). And a half a million other things.

Along with a crazy busy week, came some crazy bad decisions.

Road trip food (a.k.a Fritos, Twizzlers, M&M with Almonds, and Arby’s…twice)
No attempts at any actual exercise on my part
Complete disregard to making healthy choices in general.

Yeah, it wasn’t the best week last week. And I obviously missed last weeks weigh in. I DID manage to weigh myself the morning before I headed downstate. But, there was hardly any time to actually write a post about it. So, I figured I’d just go ahead and group it all in in one little handy weigh in.

Last weigh in: 207.6
This weigh in: 208.2
Gained: .6 pounds
Total lost from highest: 63 pounds

Whomp whomp

Considering it was half a pound gained in two weeks, I can’t really complain too much. I’ve had moments where I’ve gained several pounds over the course of two weeks. So I’m not going to fret over it too much.

I’m actually being proactive this time around. Gained half a pound isn’t a big deal. Caught myself gaining half a pound, HUGE DEAL.

So rather than tucking my tail between my legs and using it as an excuse to scarf down whatever the hell I want to eat (she says as she guiltily hides a snack cake wrapper under her leg). I’m just going to push forward.

See, look at me go!

Growth and initiative!

Silver lining, right?

Too expensive to start losing?

“Why is it so expensive to start losing weight?”
Ya’ll, I get it.

You get in that motivation to lose weight and all of a sudden it looks a little bit like this

New workout clothes – BOUGHT IT
Gym Membership – SOLD
Ultra precise down to the ¼ gram stainless steel guilded with gold food scale – MUST HAVE IT
Bathroom scale that also measures body fat percentage – GOT TO HAVE IT
Water bottle system with scheduled alarms for intake – MINE
Pills and capsules to lose an extra .2 pounds a week! – CHA CHING

And so on and so forth.

Then tack on spending a good $200 a month more on buying purely organic low calories fruits/veggies/packaged dinners and snacks.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all done that.

Because making the decision to lose some weight is always exciting! But we start figuring out all the things we think we need right now, and suddenly spending $500 a bucks to lose some weight isn’t realistic, or even feasible! It somehow always got to that point where I would get so discouraged because it’s expensive to even start losing weight.

That little dollar sign is (at least for me) one of the biggest deterrents to losing weight there is.

And many weight loss companies bank on that! (see what I did there?)

Rather, why not get yourself your priority things to start losing weight. And go cheap. At this point it doesn’t matter. Eventually it will make sense to upgrade some things or add new things to your weightloss tool box.

But for now, I haven’t spent that much at all over the last year. And I’ve been managing to lose weight still.

Don’t believe me? Here’s some transparency for you.

My priorities – drinking more water, properly measuring my food, keeping track of my stats, and logging my food.

Water bottle – $14.99
Food Scale – $9.99
Measuring Cups – $1.00
Bathroom Scale – 18.99
Measuring Tape – $0.89
Notebook for journaling – $0.99

Grand total $46.85

That’s all I’ve spent in the last year of losing weight. In the last year. That averages to about 4 bucks a month. I paid for that in my first month simply by not going out to eat a few times.

I didn’t need a $40 food scale. I just need a scale that weighs food. I’m not looking to be super precise at this moment. Same with measuring cups. I’m looking to estimate and get a better visual of my food. Not obsess about the 3 calorie difference in 10 grams of food.

I didn’t need a scale that tells you your weight, tracks your weight, tells you your body fat percentage, your height, favorite book, and what color underwear you’re wearing. I just need a scale that shows my weight. And I don’t need some $10 measuring tape. It’s a piece of plastic with numbers on it

So on and so forth.

Now, I’m not talking about food here. That’s an entirely different conversation. These are just those initial impulse buys that people (myself included) fall into when there is that little burst of motivation to lose weight.

When I started losing weight I actually made a list of things. You all should know by now that I love me some lists. A lot. To figure out just how much I was going to spend to start off on this crazy ride I call a journey. And I went step by step to figure it out, overthinking at it’s finest. And managed to start losing weight off of 46 bucks.

I’m ok with that.

Now, am I saying that I’ll never buy another thing? Of course not. Eventually I might get that gym membership, or a food scale that is more precise. I might actually go and buy myself some actual workout clothes that aren’t faded baggy t-shirts and ratty shorts. But for now, it was easier for me to start losing weight when I wasn’t concerned about how much it was going to cost me to get the ball rolling.

Down the road, it’d make sense to buy a new fitness watch. But for now, I can live without.

My BIG weight loss secret! Weigh-in Wednesday

Here we go!

Last weigh in: 208.3
This weigh in: 207.6
Lost: .7 pounds
Total lost from highest: 62.4 pounds

Every time I lose weight I get at least a couple “how did you do that?” comment from people.

Made me think about that this time around. I’ve been posting for a month. I’ve had four weigh ins and I’ve lost 4.7 pounds!


A full month of recorded losses with no gains.


Ok, super dramatic, but still. It’s not a huge secret?

So these are the things I’ve been doing

  • Eating around 1800 calories per day (+/- 100) and actually logging them
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Trying to have a good balance of “good vs bad” calories (ex: 300 calories of avocado is better than 300 calories of candy bar) about a 80/20 balance (Yes, I’m still eating candy bars AND losing weight)
  • And getting moving to burn some calories in any way I can

There you have it. That’s it. That’s all I’m doing differently. And I’ve lost 4.7 pounds in this last couple weeks.

It sounds like a cop out…and too good to be true. It sounds like one of those weird ad things that starts off with “DO THIS AN LOSE 10 POUNDS IN A WEEK.”

I don’t have a fast acting plan. And I’m not changing a bazillion things, I’m just being more mindful.

And believe me, it’s not like it’s any easier. It’s not like I woke up and was like BOOM lets do this.

I still have to consider if it’s really worth eating that full King Size DARK CHOCOLATE Twix, or if I’m totally fine with a normal size one. Or if I’m really actually hungry enough for another two tacos. Or if I’m hungry at all, or am I bored? Do I really need that extra cup 20oz mug of coffee, or should I start getting my water in?

I still drive home from work exhausted, but turn on the radio and dance it out in the car just to get some movement in. Or set my timer for 10 minutes of my uber beginners Yoga because 10 minutes is all my poor hips can handle. Or “I fucking hate squats” and pump out my measly 10 before I feel like my legs are going to give out.

I’m still making changes.

I’m going from eating 2500+ calories a day down to 1800. I’m forcing myself to move, when my body is perfectly ok sitting around for HOURS on end watching Netflix. I’m reminding myself to drink water constantly.

It’s still hard.
It’s just not as hard as it was.

I’m not following some “push yourself to the point of pain” exercise thing, I’m not eating 1400 calories and ONLY 1400 calories, I’m still eating crap and good stuff. So on and so forth. It’s just a balancing act.

And a balancing act that seems to be working right now!!!

So cheers to another 0.7 pounds lost!

Skin Care Madness

I used to have great skin. That’s not a bragging moment, that’s the cold hard truth. When I was younger (read:teenager) I thought I was having a huge breakout when I’d get one or two pimples every couple of months. And that was even with me hardly ever washing my face, I was pretty good with just using Stridex face wipes. That was it. Glorious blemish free skin. Which of course, at the time, I was thrilled about.

Now…10 years later.


I have pimples.

As in, wayyyy more pimples than I’ve ever dealt with. And they’re constant little bumps that just hang out and never disappear.

I’m not 100% sure when the pimples came. Could have been wearing make-up more than “oh! It’s prom!” or this GODAWFUL IUD, or maybe I’m just getting older but things have changed.

So yeah, pimples. All over my face. It’s ridiculous. And regardless of the sheer amount of Googling I like to do for random issues like that (chicken skin, breaking hair, how to get rid of rough foot skin – I warned you, I’m disgusting) I never really looked too far into skin care.

My skin care regimen was simply go to the department store and grab any bottle that was for “normal” skin that promised to get rid of black heads and carry on my merry way… which included washing my face whenever I remembered.

Yeah. Maybe I’ve found the culprit?

Well, while on the hunt for a new planner for work we made a little pitstop into Sephora. And a simple question of “Could you help me find a shade of foundation?” turned into a 45 session of gadgets that tested skin type, color, and a pretty informative lesson on skin care.

So here’s what I learned:

1. I DO NOT have normal skin (thanks a lot online quizzes) apparently I have Oily Skin
2. Apparently Josh has known this and was very informative with his “she always wakes up super shiny” #thanksjerkface
3. My perfect shade is Urban Decay All Nighter 7.75 (and might I add it’s FOURTY FRICKIN DOLLARS – but ohhh so worth it)
4. What the hell moisturizer is for and
5. I probably shouldn’t be washing my face whenever I think about it. “Twice a day and follow with moisturizer”

So they loaded me up with some samples, a bottle of face wash (which, yes… I have been using), and sent me on my merry way.

Now, it’s probably too soon to see if anything has changed on my face dramatically. But I’ve been taking care of my face skin more in the last 10 days than I probably have in my entire life. Washing it twice a day, actually taking off my make up, using moisturizer… the whole 9 yards.

I have noticed little changes. Like I don’t wake up as oily, probably because I’m not going to sleep oily and covered in make up. And a few of my littlest spots are fading, but it’s not some instant change.

Perhaps, I should have looked more into skin care earlier? Hindsight is 20/20 I suppose.

But the guy I saw in the store said I should see huge results in 6 weeks, so we’ll see?

Here goes nothing!

My body – Wednesday Weigh-in

I’ve always been hyper-critical of my body. That goes without saying. I can point out my flaws immediately. I have lovehandles that will probably always be present, I have cellulite and stretchmarks (though, I don’t hate on the stretchmarks much these days), I have back fat and armpit fat, so on and so forth.

I know plenty of women who do this, regardless of size. Hell, I’m willing to bet every woman (and man) does this. And even though I’m losing weight because I’m not happy with my health and my body, I have recently (as in within this last week) started to remind myself of the things that I love about my body-despite my flaws.

I’ve decided if I don’t remind myself of these things, I can easily see myself getting even more critical about my body. Because I’ve been there..and that leaves me with what? Tons of negativity.

Whereas if I remind myself of the things I love, I think it’ll be easier for me to get to that point where there are more things that I love than I don’t like. Opposed to getting to what I think is my “ideal” weight, and still picking out every little thing about myself I don’t like.

So… here we go… I’ll start off small, three things about my body that I love.

My legs – They may be big, but they’re strong and I have pretty killer calves
My broad shoulders – I may not be able to wear a halter top, but I can rock a strapless dress/shirt like nobody’s business!
My height – hide and seek sucks, but I’ll always stand out in a crowd

Sure, the list might not be long…but it’s a start.

Anyways, since it’s Wednesday, I’ll cut to the chase.

My third weigh-in since being back!

Last weigh in: 210.0
This weigh in: 208.3
Lost lost: 1.7 pounds
Total lost from highest: 61.7 pounds


Another loss, and I’ll very happily take it!

So, until next time,