My Pink Coat

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person in the world who saved all of their pre-pregnancy clothes. I’ve got a box in the back of my closet with all that stuff that started getting too tight, stuff that I knew wasn’t going to fit, but for some reason I kept telling myself “I’ll get to wear it all six months after the baby is born.”

Well, nearly two and a half years later, and those boxes are (yes, plural) still chilling in the closet. Along with other “omigosh it’s on sale, and it’ll fit someday clothes” that were complete impulse buys. I swear I’ll probably never have to buy another article of clothing until I’m a size 10. Ha.

That, my friends, is box 1 of 3

But among all that stuff was my favorite pink coat. I specifically didn’t buy a winter coat last winter because I was convinced I would be able to fit it. By the time winter ended, I had gotten used to wearing a hoodie because “I have a coat, I just can’t button it.”

So not only am I optimistic about this. But I’m also stubborn, and too optimistic.

Good news, Ya’ll!

I fit the coat! It even buttons, last time I tried it on (winter after the baby was born) I couldn’t even pull my arms through it! Now, since it’d been three years since I’d worn it, I don’t really remember if the shoulders were always that tight. Or if the top button never closed.

But let me tell you, it all came crashing to reality when I popped a button.


Popped TWO buttons.

I could ignore it when the first button popped off because it was already insanely loose. That was no surprise. But when my bottom button flew across the room when I sat down, was definitely a surprise.

So yeah, I’m stubborn. Instead of admitting defeat, I actually sewed the buttons back on… about an inch further away… just so it was looser.

Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.

But, as I said. I’m stubborn. I’ve waited three freaking years to wear that coat. And I’m done with freezing in the winter. I’m just hoping that I don’t have a “fat guy in a little coat” moment and rip it in half. Don’t judge, that’s a legitimate worry.

On the plus size, I’ll be able to gauge how much I’m slowly losing. And of course when I get back to my “aw yis, my coat fits” weight again, I can just move the buttons back. Because I’m classy like that. And I’m cheap like that. And I freaking love my pink coat.

It kind of made me want to go through the boxes of clothes and see what was close to fitting. We’ll see how that turns out.

(Which in case you’re interested, the pink jeans have something in common with the pink coat)


Thanksgiving is over

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty freaking glad that Thanksgiving is over on the weight-loss side of things.

Don’t get me wrong, the 4 day weekend was awesome. Hanging out with my family, playing ULTIMATE Yahtzee, coloring, cooking, watching movies. All of that was absolutely perfect.

What wasn’t perfect, was the 10 pounds I’m almost positive I gained this last 2 weeks. Because, being frank, I ATE everything. And I most definitely did NOT exercise like I told myself I would.

Beginning of Novemeber was all about this carefully constructed plan to be more mindful of what I’m eating, not eat too much, make healthy choices… because this time of year is always the time of year that I tend to gain weight.

Because, Thanksgiving. And pies. And mashed potatoes. And all the other yummy hearty food that comes with the holidays (like chili!!!)

Let me tell you, that ship has sailed.

I haven’t stepped on the scale since November 1st, because some little part of me is all like “eh, it’s winter. I need my winter fat!”

Anyone else like excuses? I sure do.

But silver lining, I’ve at least learned something. Usually when I start going nuts this time I year I just say “screw it” or “it’ll all fall back off in the spring.” Which is generally why I don’t seem to lose any weight. I’ll lose a good 10 pounds, gain back 20 over the winter, then bust my butt over the spring to lose that same 20 pounds again.

But I’m trying to break out of those habits. Time to stop the trend, and break the habit. I’m not too sure what happened last fall, but I certainly didn’t do any massive gaining that time around, in fact, I lost weight. Which is cool… apparently when I have losing weight on my mind, I self sabotage? Who knows.

I just know, I’m frustrated and irritated at myself. This shouldn’t be so hard. But, guess what??? It is, right now. And I’m pissy about it.

Tis the season to be pissy about all that extra fluff! (And I don’t mean the snow).

Caffeine is here to stay

I feel like crap. I’m grouchy, irritable, and have a constant headache. Why? Because I’m starting to make real progress trying to decrease caffeine.

Remember back in August when I declared I was going to detox from caffeine?

Yeah, it sucks.

I tried and failed several times from August through October. At the smallest hint of a headache, I was sipping down more coffee trying to avoid THE headache. Granted, I’m generally always having a headache. Excedrin Tension is never too far away (I have a high stress job, ya’ll… no judgement). But caffeine headaches are a much bigger deal.

Well, within the last two weeks, I’ve started again. Making progress, but still it sucks. It’s recommended to cut back on coffee 1/4 every three days. And considering how much freaking coffee I drink. Both my coffee “mug” and my travel mug are 20 ounces. I’m only decreasing 5 ounces EVERY THREE DAYS. It’ll take me 5 months to be completely off caffeine. Five freaking months.

I highly doubt that I’ll completely stop drinking coffee. I’m hoping I can just get to the point where I don’t feel like I need coffee to make it through the day. I’ll still enjoy a nice steaming much of decaf gag or have a blended latte once in a while.

My glorious 20oz Harry Potter mug

Which, let me tell you. A blended latte (or frappachino for you Starbucks people out there) CANNOT be made with Decaf… because the coffee shop around here uses HOT freaking espresso. Which makes it soupy and gross. Imagine an iced latte but with a scoop of powder in it. ICK. The ice is literally melted before they blend. Not. Ok. You hear me, baristas? For the sake of blended decaf drinks everywhere… PLEASE HAVE SOME COLD DECAF ESPRESSO ON HAND LIKE YOU DO FULL CAFF <--- see what I mean? I'm grouchy. Though, I was a barista at that same coffee shop long ago, and I have a trick for that if you want it... pour your hot decaf in the blender, add your cold milk with A FEW ice cubes, let it sit for a minute while you add your syrups/powder so it can at least get room temp, THEN add your ice. It’ll help, I promise. Takes all of 45 seconds longer, and your decaf drinkers will thank you

Anyways. I’ve managed to cut down almost a full coffee mug in the last two weeks, and have only had a mild headache everyday. Is that a win?

See! I’ve even been tracking it!

For all of you caffeine-aholics out there hoping to decrease the amount you need to survive… I wish you well. I wish you luck. And for what it’s worth, you’re allowed to dream about coffee. You’re not allowed to imagine your friends as giant mugs of steaming goodness.

Now, if you’ll excuse me. I have to log in how much caffeine I’ve had, and take a nice dose of caffeine free headache medicine.



I recently started using this Lifesum app for tracking. Like I said in an earlier post, this is the time of year that I need something like that. Badly. I was using My Fitness Pal for a while, but honestly, I can’t stand the app. It’s boring and clinical, and I just can’t get excited about it. Sorry MFP.

So I downloaded Lifesum. There are a ton of great features on it. Plus, it’s bright happy colors, which is something I get REALLY excited about!

When you first go into it, it has a little wheel on top that shows how much you’ve eaten, burned, and what you have left. My intake is around 1800. When I punched in my age/weight/height and so one, I wasn’t expecting something so high. A lot of the time apps like this will give me 1400 calories. MFP did, I had manually change it to 1800. The fact that this one already put me at the 1800 I’ve been doing for a year now, makes me feel pretty optimistic.

One of my favorite features is that it gives you a recommended amount you should be eating for each meal. It gives you a calories range to hit for each meal. I’m a big planner. When I’m actually doing it, I like to break down my meals so I know what to hit (on average) for each meal. This kind of helps me stay on track with that.

BUT, if you’ve gone under or you’ve done exercise it’ll go ahead and remind you that you can eat more. That you should eat more to reach that goal for whatever meal it was. The app bases it on how much you’d like to lose a week. Mine is set for around 1.3 pounds a week. It’ll change my intakes based on that. Rather than “oh hey, you just lost 3 pounds this week KUDOS” it tries to keep you on track to only losing a certain amount of weight.

Now, of course, I’m not actually sure if that’s what it’s doing…but it seemed to make sense to me. So that is simply my assumption.

Anyways, originally for breakfast I plugged something in, and it’s remind me that “hey, that better not be all you’re eating!” So I finished plugging in the rest of my breakfast, and it then reminded me I was only 40-something under. With a nice little “GREAT JOB!” on it. But then I exercised, and it quickly went to bitch me out. Like “HEY, you’re now 196 under. EAT SOMETHING”

So, after eating and exercising, it’ll remind me that I still need to eat more if I want to stay on track to the 1.3 pounds per week. Which is pretty nifty. There are trackers for water intake as well. You can even take a little test in there to see which “diet” would suit your desires/needs. That one was a little iffy for me. Originally it recommended a 5:2 (eat 5 days:fast 2) which I’m 100% NOT for. So I just cancelled out the “diet plan.”

But there are some things I wish I could change on it. Some of the calorie amounts are off. A LOT.

For example…Hellman’s Lite Mayo – jar says 35 per TBS… Lifesum says 95 per TBS
BUT if you use the barcode scanner, they’re dead on for the ones I’ve tried.

It’d take more planning for me throughout the day (especially if I’m bringing my lunch to work with me).

I also like to track my measurements, this app allows me to track my waist. But anything above that, I need to pay for the premium. Which are on monthly amounts. Realistically, 6.99 a month isn’t bad. But I’m not going to pay for something I can do for free (you feel me?). So I actually have a separate app for that.

All-in-all it’s been working for me. I’ve only been using it since last month, so I’m sure I’ll find more things I like/dislike. But this is pretty much my first impressions of the app. We’ll see how that goes, I might do an update post one I get the hang of it more.

We’ll see.

Disclaimer: These thoughts are all my own. I am not being paid to give my opinion. Hell, Lifesum didn’t even ask… I just did it. So there.

Happy Halloween! Weigh-in Wednesday

So. Yesterday was Halloween. For those of you who know me, know that Halloween is my favorite holiday in the whole world. I would happily skip my birthday for another Halloween. Hell, I would skip Christmas in favor of Halloween.

Something about the costumes, candy, Trick or Treating, the spooky feelings…really gets me in my “Happy Mode”

But, it’s over. Welcome, November 1st.

Happy White Rabbits Day!

With November come my second favorite holiday. Thanksgiving!

I’m a self proclaimed Chubby lady who loves food.

That couldn’t be more obvious if I tried.

Although, this is also one of my least favorite times of the year. It’s when everyone brings food to everything.

And it’s not the light summer food. It’s the hearty-bake-sugar-fatty-carboload food.

And there are numerous opportunities for that.

Work functions. Family functions. It’s cold so I want to eat chili (always and forever) functions.

This time of year makes me really nervous. Because I know my self control is nowhere near where it needs to be. This is usually the time of year where I do the most of my yo-yoing. If I had made a graph of my weight loss in the past years, you’d see a definite upwards trend this time of year.

I always start off this time of year with a clear mind. Knowing that I need to be careful and watch what I’m doing. It’s always a test of restraint.

There’s something about snowfall from November to April (welcome to Michigan!) that makes hearty meals, pajamas, and bad food choices come to light. Which of course always means, that on April fools day 2018, I’ll be wondering if my scale is being a jerk and teasing me with a +6 gain.

But I have a plan, like I always do this time of year. The tricky part is actually just making sure I follow the plan. Even when I’m staring down pies, cakes, and the best winter mac and cheese you’ve ever seen in your life.

But until then, here’s a weigh in for you all.

Last weigh-in: 205.7
This weigh-in: 205.3
Lost: .4
Total lost from highest: 65.9

There we go. I’m still a little ways from WONDERLAND! (Do people even say that anymore?)