Mmmmm water

I’m attempting a water bottle holder.

Something along the lines of this:

excuse the bad quality

Now, I attempted to make one using rings, an old t-shirt, and a scarf…. I mainly wanted to know if I could get the logistics of it. It’s actually a complicated process for someone who is more of the “nail polish2nail” or “makeup2eyes” kind of arts and crafter.

Now knowing that I am able to do it…I want to attempt to use a thick twine…preferably a water-proof cord stuff. I  can do the knots with little instruction (read: tons of step by step instruction with pictures or video).

I’m getting tired of carrying around this big honking bottle…and I’m not willing to get a different bottle.

I love my bottle. On the neck of the bottle are numbers 1-6 with a little slider thing so that way I can keep track of how many times I fill the bottle.

I blame my dark red living room 🙁

And the bottle is 20 oz. So I really only need to fill it up a little over 3 times. I’m in love with this bottle, but I hate trying to carry it in a hulking purse. My purse has other stuff in it, I don’t have the room in it for a bottle, and I’m a lazy “bottle carrier”

So that is where I am right now. Attempting to track down some nylon cords (that still looks attractive) and some good DIY instructions…. not to mention I really really want some TIME…. it’s Finals week.

So it’s probably something I’ll start later in May. 🙁

Weigh in day is T-minus 11.33 hours

Body Image issues (part 2)

I’m feeling a little down. Hugs anyone?

I’m having a tough time accepting my weight loss. I know I’ve done awesome this past week. So I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if I hit that magical 189. I’d be actually quite upset if I didn’t hit it…

My logic… my last weigh in day I was bloating (tmi, I know)…and I weighed in at 190.8 so it’s not hard to assume that I’m below that 189 marker.Unless I gained, of course.

So assuming that I am 189 right now, I would have lost 75 pounds!

75 fricken pounds.

That’s incredible… but my lovehandles…woah lovehandles.

As of my last measurement taking day (April 1st) my lovehandles were42 inches (which sucks because my waist was actually 33 inches)….

When I started my lovehandles were 63 inches around…. oh yeah,that’s 5 feet 3 inches of LOVEHANDLES….. and my waist was 48 inches.

I’ve lost 21 inches off my lovehandles…. holy moley. And about 15off my waist.

That’s pretty darned good. But I really feel like it hasn’t changedtoo much.

As in, I don’t see it.

I can see that my upper body has gotten smaller, my arms look smaller,I actually have angled shoulders, I have a collarbone…. which is all lovely…. but those lovehandles.

I know this post sounds incredibly “woe is me” but I think I’m allowed that.

Unfortunately lovehandles are that one area that are the hardest to lose, and not only that you can’t spot treat. Grrrrrr.

Perhaps I’m just being impatient. Which is incredibly possible. I’m not the world’s most patient person.

I can’t wait until those lovehandles go away, it will be incredible.

I think I’m just being overly critique-y about myself. (Which I’m also allowed)

If you remember back to my very first post where I was talking about how I viewed my body. Larger than it is. Far larger than it is.

Even though I know I have lost 75 pounds (hopefully) I still see myself as this outrageously chunky girl. It’s kind of stupid, which is ridiculous,I know. But it doesn’t stop me from feeling that way.

It just comes with the territory of losing weight.

I’ve read that some people have taken YEARS for their mind to catch up with their weight loss. It’s that perfect example of how this losing weight is a struggle well after you have lost all the weight.

Will it be a gradual thing? Or will it be a slap in the face?

I’m anxious to find out.

Feeling better (Summer Plans)

I was so sick this weekend. Not fun. On top of bloating (tmi, sorry) I just felt like crap.

Good news though. I’ve had an awesome week as far as eating right and exercising. I did miss out on my day three of c25k. I’m feeling quite unmotivated to actually do it…. which is terrible. I know. Don’t judge.

But aside from being sick, I can’t wait until my weigh in on Wednesday. I know I have done awesome…and if I don’t see that 189, I’m going to be super unhappy. Haha.

But on other note, I want to do something this summer. Last summer was a bust.

I was working 5 days a week and going to school the other 2 days…so I had ZERO time for fun stuff. Poo.

This summer however, I’m determined to do something epic.

I don’t even know what I am going to do, I do know that I want to do something that is (obviously) going to help with my weight loss.

I want to go hiking, rock climbing (if I can get over my fear of heights), learn to dance possibly, do my 5k (which means I gotta get my motivation back)…. I want to go roller bladeing, kayaking… who knows. Whatever comes my way I want to try it.

I’ve been looking around for things to do this summer. And I have yet to think of what I want to actually do. Make plans for, you know?

I am saving up for the Fitbloggin 2012!!!! I am super excited for that. I want to go really bad. I heard about it through someone who had suggested it to me (thanks Chelsea).

She’s actually in the process of starting up her own blog, which should be incredible. She’s still a work-in-progress.

We’ve talked a little bit and I would love to go this weekend to actually meet her in person.

Other than being sick, It’s been an ok weekend. I haven’t been writing as much as I should… but that’s mostly thanks to the ickies and school. Can’t wait until this semester is over.

Other than that…. have a good day!

Harry Potter (Rainy Day)

So of course. It’s raining outside. It’s muddy. It’s a mere 39 degrees outside. Great….just great. So I won’t be doing my day three of c25k today. I’ll make it up tomorrow…maybe I’ll be able to trick up Mother Nature. As you know it’s been ridiculously bad weather ONLY on days that I go out to jog.

It’s one of two things…either Mother Nature is mocking me…. or Mother Nature doesn’t believe I can do this. Whatever Mother Nature, I’ll show you!

So after sitting around and trying to figure out what I’m going to do on a rainy day. I think I’ve been rather productive.

Got my facebook page all sorted out and started. I am now on Twitter. My Youtube channel is just awaiting my first video. And I’ve made buttons for all three.

Oh yeah!!!!

So what do I do now?

I’ve been on this Harry Potter withdrawl for a while now. It’s been screaming in my mind lately, so I think today is that perfect day to do it. Sit around and have a Harry Potter marathon? I think that could go well…. better than well. Amazing!

I haven’t cracked the cover on one of those bad boys in a while. So without further ado…

Starting with book 1 and just continuing on from there. It’s going to be an epic week. Haha.

I have also decided what I am going to do when I hit that 189 marker! I hit 190.2 yesterday (I know, I know…weigh in days are Wednesday….I’m excited!) so I’m pretty certain that Wednesday will be that day! Granted I’m anticipating some bloatage (sorry)…. so all that bloating will probably deny me the happy feeling I know I’ll get.

But yesh. I wanted to do a quick update before I got down and busy with my books!!!!!

Exercising mania…and nails

I apologize in advanced. This is going to be a doozy.

I have to share this. Last night’s dinner was DA BOMB (how long has it been since you’ve heard that?) I made a Personal Potpie!!! Yummy. And get this… there was literally 4 cups of food, for all of 300 calories. I was pretty darned proud of me.

Look at all that oozing gravy!

I was pretty much AMAZING. It had mixed veggies, spinach, onion, chicken gravy. Now….the best part about this was the crust. There wasn’t any in the bottom (no need to waste all those calorie on something like that). And the dough on top had spinach mixed in it. FABULOSO!

Now on to the feature title filog (film+blog does it work???) So…onward.

This past week has been awesome! As far as exercising goes. Monday and Wednesday were my c25k days mixed in with a little bit of shakeweight for dessert. Tuesday was a weebit of nothing.

And today Josh, Landon, and I went on a 5 mile walk. Well, Landon went on a 5 mile stroller ride. While we were walking around town I picked flowers, which Landon has hidden in his room somewhere. Although, it was super cute. Landon had dropped some flowers on the way, and his heartbroken look was too cute. I wish I had brought along my camera, I’m gonna have to remember to carry it with me. Super cute. But we burned some serious calories. I swear we must have hit every hill in town. This wasn’t a leisurely walk by no means. I was super sweaty by the time we got home. In fact, I’ve been all sweaty this whole week. I’ve never been so excited to get sweaty, as you all know I HATE that. I’ve actually enjoyed doing all this moving around this week.

Wait a minute. Did Nicole just say that she was enjoying exercising?

Yes. Yes I did. I never thought in a million years that I would say that I have had a good time exercising! w00t!

But really I did.

It’s been a busy week. School school school. Finals are coming up. So it’s kind of like crazy cramming week.

This morning I took my Criminal Justice quiz. Wish me luck!!!!!

I’ve just wanted to relax today…well aside from the quiz and the walk. Haha. So since we’ve gotten back I have done nothing but  sit on the couch, watch TV, and paint my nails.

I’m actually really excited about them. I’ve been wanting to try out this one design, and I finally figured out how to do it (thanks youtube!)

The colors are dedicated to my website, show I had to share it with you!!!! Pink, blue, and white!!!! Yay!

Marbled nails done by me!

I had a ton of fun with these. Although they do take forever to do. You wouldn’t think that it’s complicated, but it kind of is. There is a cup of water, toothpick, and Q-tips involved. HA. Interesting.

So now that they are done, I love them. Love. Love. Love. Them. Yes. I might keep doing other colors, who knows. And I love how each nail looks different.

So yes. That has been my last 24 hours, how has yours been?