I found a pair of Jogging shoes that I adored at Dunhams. Neon Blue with Neon Pink swishes! They look like ^that… just brighter. I’ll upload a picture soon with my feet!!!!

Unfortunately they were $95.00….. No way that I am going to spend that much money. HAHAHA.

So I went to Ebay and was fishing around for shoes, and lo’ and behold I found them. Same kind….my size…. must have been fate.

So I snagged them up! I spent…. $17.32 on them!!!! WOOOT!

We also bought Josh a pair of Nikes… his are white with blue swishes…. got his for about $16.5

So we picked up two pairs of Nikes for $33.87

I am in LOVE with Ebay. So we got $150 worth of shoes for CHEAP AS HELL!!!

I’m all excited. They are specifically for jogging.

I really really really reccommend getting a pair of shoes like these. A good portion of them are actually mesh, so your toesies can breath…. I love that, then my feet won’t get sweaty. Lol.

So yeah, I’ve got my regular shoes, gym shoes, and jogging shoes

I’m a happy camper.

Doing pretty darned good

I know it’s only Saturday but I’ve been friggen awesome since Wednesday…don’t get me wrong, I’ve been doing awesome before then… But this past week I’ve just felt great.

For example… I worked, went to the gym, walked, and jogged…. so with I treated myself with McDonalds…. A BIG MAC!!!! With fries…. yummmmmm….. Even after all that crap, and Breakfast… I still would have had a deficient of OVER 1500…. I usually only try to shoot for 1000.

My stomach hurt from the fast food. I had a headache. But it was so friggen good. Lol.

Sometimes cravings make no sense. But oh well. After dinner I still had a definicent of 1150. So I KNOW I ate well past my calorie limits, but why not? Especially if I didn’t want that 1500 deficient.

But other than that… lol. I’ve been eating really well. I’ve been walking/jogging….doing home exercises…. and just in general I’ve been doing really good.

So I really want to see that magical 189 number… only ONE pound. Though, Ironically…. TTotM should be here on my next weigh in day.

Haha…. so my scale will probably read 193+ at least. Which sucks since I’m so darned close to the 180s…. and I’m not going to be able to see it this weigh in. Lol.

But oh well….. at least if the scale reads 194, I’ll know I’m about 189…. since I bloat about 5 pounds, lmao.

Grrrr…. go figure.

But I just hadn’t been on here in a while and I wanted to go ahead and be all giddy and happy for a moment.

Happy St. Patties day!!!!!

Joggin Clothes

Today was the day that I was *supposed* to start my training for my 5K. It’s been downpouring…. (go figure, nice and clear weather until the day that I decide I want to be outside)….. It’s starting to clear up, so I’m hoping to go out later today, once it clears up a little more. I’m thinking that my first time jogging wouldn’t be a good experience if it’s down pouring.

Sooooo. I was thinking… it’s spring, so it’s probably going to be damp most the time…. I can’t really jog in shorts (burrrr) and I’m not going to jog in jeans…. so enter jogging clothes.

So I went to Dunhams and picked up some jogging clothes. Just a pair of stretchy jogging pants (which, btw make my butt look amazing, gotta love control panels)….and a jacket…. which I’m already in love with.

It’s ADIDAS, black with a white zipper…. cool, right? But it gets better…. the back is mesh! I guess it’s to help you stay dry? Or cool? Or something?

But I’m sitting here wearing them right now…. just ripped off a pore strip…. waiting about 30 minutes until I’m certain the rain has stopped….and head on out!!!!!

I’m all excited. So, come 8:00, I’ll be back from my 1st day of the training program…and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Hopefully awesome!!!!

Ahhhh Stress

Ahhhh, stress…interesting. My last weigh in I was at 196. So I weighed myself later that day….194….

I decided that I wanted to monitor my weight this week, just to see if it was just bloating (we can hope…right????)

Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that it had to have been stress. Lets face it…midterm week, rather stressful.

Well, had my last midterm on Friday…. and guess what… jumped on the scale today 192.

So yeah, I’m concluding it was just stress. It’s all I can think of it being. Stress.

I have been doing really good this past week…. well except for nachos one night….lol….and perhaps ice cream for desert….lmao!

Cheat day!!!! Lol.

So I’m hoping that this 192 is good to go…. it might, who knows… lol.

If, by chance this 192 is good to go, lol, then I should be hitting the 18- numbers soon enough!!! YAY!!!!

Wish me luck…. without stress!!!! Lol…… well maybe.

Getting Pumped

As of today my first 5K is in LESS than four months!

And I am totally pumped about it. Which is strange, because usually just the thought of running is enough to make me want to gag. But I’m excited.

I start my couch-5K program on Monday. This is usually where the procrastination starts (it did last year)…. one of those…. Eh, I’ll get around to it… moments.

This time… not so much! :)

I have a method to my madness. I wanted to start this coming Monday simply because it’ll be easier for me. I can follow the 3 times a week program fairly easy….and it’ll be all kinds of easy, it’ll fit into my schedule rather nicely. Since I weigh in on Wednesdays (and today…oops, though I’m 193… so I’m blaming bloating for my outrageous 196) so It’ll be a weigh-in and jump right into my “jogging gear” (i.e. baggy shorts/pants, shirt, and cheap shoes) and head right out the door.

I have an old Andriod that still works…. can’t call on it for crap…. but the apps still work…. that has a nice little running thingie on it. I’m going to see if there is a C2K5 app that I can download….joy!

Then Fridays, which are typically busy, aren’t really that crazy until about 3:00pm…and Monday’s I only have 1 weekely piece of homework due….

So yeah. Works for me.

I’m tried to do some kind of introspection thing to see why I am so excited. All I can think come up with is doing something that literally scares the crap out of me. Lol. Me and running = misery…. but if I actually do it right… I might actually end up loving it. Who knows.

My boyfriend said that he would do it too. So now I actually get a running/jogging/fast walking partner, haha.

I can’t wait though…. I’m actually all “Whoooo Hooooo!!!!!” About it!

So yeah, I’m sure that I’m going to be all complainy and whiney about it when I actually start….but I’m determined!!!!

Wish me luck… well wish my legs lucks!!!!