Well, lookie lookie at whose been a slack again lately. Between being sick (still) and Land-o getting sick, it’s been ridiculous amounts of coughing, sneezing, tissues, and cough syrup. Yummy, right?

I know I missed Wednesday’s weigh in, my mistake. I did end up weighing myself Thursday, I just never got around to writing up a post (obviously) so, I’ll just go ahead and post that weight today…but it is for Thursday.

Last week: 183.8
This week: 183.6
Total LOST: .2 pounds

Ok, I’ll be upfront. I have been eating like crap. Plus being sick, I haven’t been able to exercise. I tried, and was instantly hit with a pounding headache. Not cool. So I’m not even going to sit here and claim that it had anything to do with stress eating or whatever…. this was 100% me.

I’m not even going to count .2 pound as a lost. Doesn’t make sense to do so. So I’m basically just…eh…. no loss no gain. Which I can live with in comparison to how I’ve been eating. Yeah, not good eating habits at all.

But I’m not complaining. Mainly because I know I have been eating like crap, and it’s been 100% my decision. So yeah, whatever.

But this week, I’ve kind of had my fun. Not worrying about what I have been eating, all that jazz. It’s time to get back to business.

But, Josh and I are going to set up a schedule. As in what days we are going to do what, you know? Furniture sliders, sparring, blast straps, all that jazz. We’ll probably write up the schedule starting on Monday (24th) So that way we can start on an “even day.”

It’s coming up on October here really quickly and I know it’s going to start getting cold. Which was a big worry for me in the past. When it’s warm outside you can actually go and do things outside. Once winter hits, it’s brutal. Come on, I live in Northern Michigan… winters are typically horrible. I’m talking like 8-10 inches of NEW snow each night. Haha. Last winter was actually quite mild…very mild actually. I think we had a collective month of snow which is unheard of for Northern Michigan. So I’m expecting a pretty bad winter, haha.

So yeah, we’re going to try and figure out some indoor work out stuff so that I don’t gain a ton of weight over the winter. Haha. It’s always a worry for me, because it’s that “ugh it’s cold outside” so it’s an excuse not to exercise. But if we get to the point where we can do all kinds of stuff in the house.

But it’s been a really really good week. Aside from being sick, we have had a really great time. I have taken quite a few pictures… they’re uploading right now, so I’m going to start posting with pictures again!!!!

But coming up soon I wanted to do a little review on those Skinny Girl Cocktails!!!! Oh yeah! But that’s a down the road kind of thing.

So I’m going to start exercising more regularly…and I mean it this time. Haha.