I messed up…and moved on

Almost seven weeks later. I’d had the intention of keeping up some kind of consistency for writing, but go figure…didn’t go as far as I’d like. I would love to say that the last 7 weeks I’ve been able to solidly lose a pound a week, or hell, even say that I’ve lost 10 freaking pounds. Yeahhhh, I’m betting by reading that you’ve already guessed that wasn’t the case?

You guessed right.

Last weigh in 196.4
This weigh in: 200.8
Total gained: 3.6
Total lost from highest: 64

Listen, though… I went a little overboard for a while there.

Which included a little escapade that started with me ripping my pants, and ended with me saying “screw it” and getting a DOUBLE scoop ice cream AND cheese curds.

Seriously, why?

Now, there’s nothing really “bad” about the ice cream OR the cheese curds. I’d made some pretty good choices the entire week before then. I’d been nailing my water intake. I’d been being as active as my broken ass was letting me. It had been a really awesome week!

It was just not letting that be that moment that always ends up happening. 99% of the time I gain some weight. And this time was no different.

Except for one itty bitty detail.

I’d only gained three and a half pounds in 7 weeks. There was definitely some over eating, definitely some poor choices in the food department, many many lazy days… but I had my moment of “blegh” and I moved on.

That’s the point off all of this, right?

Learning from my mistakes? That’s all any of us can do.

Because, let’s face it… if losing weight was as easy as flipping a light switch and never having any small setbacks or going off course… I would have already gotten to where I’m heading. Right?

That’s all I can really say about it. Shining with optimism and being positive. I messed up, corrected it, and moved on. So I’m back up 3ish pounds, and I’ll survive it. This won’t be like moments I’d had on multiple occasions. I’m not going to beat myself up over three little pounds. I’m gonna pick up and move on.

That’s all I can do, right?

Well, that and keep chuckling that I legitimately ripped my pants.