Bad blogger! Bad!

Well, hello there! Boy, have I been a bad blogger!

Let me tell you something, this past year has been the hardest year I’ve ever had to live through… Just call me “frantic” because I’ve been through the ringer for sure.

stressful six months
Longest six months ever!

My last post was from April. Of 2014. Here we are, over halfway through 2015, and I finally decide to pop my head in and say hello. (See? Bad Blogger!) Don’t get me wrong, there have been numerous times that I’ve logged in, had my fingers hoovering over the keyboard ready to pour my heart out write, and chickened out. The longer I was away, the harder it got.

But, to be frank, I’ve missed writing. I’ve missed posting about my mundane days and horrifying the random passerby with my food/exercise/lovehandle/cellulite obsessed posts. Recently, I found that urge to come back to my dear ol’ blog and give it a go. A real go, not one that ends with about 12 half finished posts in my drafts folder. Guilty.

The problem is that there was so much stuff going on that I was barely able to make sure my poor, overworked, brain didn’t melt.

Seriously, that should be a real medical condition.

I’ll give you the super rough, super choppy, version of my past year.

Literally a week after I posted my last post, to the day, the place I was living at just went to poo (the pun becomes evident really quick). The septic went a little crazy. We quickly got it pumped, two days later it started backing up into the house.

Didn’t catch that? INTO. THE. HOUSE. I’ll let you create your own image for that one, I certainly don’t wish to relive it.

Jack Sparrow is my spirit animal

Now, normally that wouldn’t be a problem. Pack up, move to a hotel for a couple of nights until the septic gets fixed. Done. Not too bad. BONUS Landon would have thought that was awesome…espeically if there was a pool. Swimming in Northern Michigan in the end of April is either incredibly brave… or a death wish. And I can’t deny that sitting in a tub where the water would actually covered more than my ankles would have been heavenly. Yay! mini-vacation! Yay!

Pause the celebration really quick. The septic itself needed to be fixed, not just pumped. With a pretty hefty price tag of $4,000. Ouch.

Oh, wait! We also found out that according to city guidelines the actual septic was too close to the house and needed to be moved towards to end of the property line. That tacked on another $3200. Double ouch.

Even if shovelling out over seven grand was an option, we were also looking at needing to stay into a hotel for ten days while getting the “repairs.” That’s another good thousand bucks in the cheapest hotel. Now considering food, gas, and all that fun stuff. Spending close to 9,000 bucks for a rental just wasn’t in the cards for us.

Triple ouch.

That’s a good chunk of change right there. Honestly, that potential nine grand is a really darn good starting point on our piggy bank savings for a down payment. You know, buying a house one day.

After talking it through with Josh, I got on the phone to my mom. After some plotting, planning, and hour and a half commutes, we came up with the decision to move.

Now, that decision was so hard to make. Very difficult. But, you see, that’s what happens when you don’t have a back up plan. For someone who thrives on planning and schedules, it was kind of a fml moment for me. Of course, who would plan for needing to vacate their home because of a overfilling toilet? Not this girl, that’s for sure.

Yeah ok.

So to make an already long story short. I resigned from a job I loved, which sucked. I had just gotten a new promotion, an amazing opportunity, and then I put in my two weeks before the ink on my “I accept this position” paper dried. We moved to Traverse City, then down state leaving all our friends and “up north” family behind. Two moves in less than 3 months. Ay caramba! From there is was downhill. It was amazing being so close with the family members I was lucky to see once a year. And of course there were several fun things that happen. An orchard, Cannibal Lane, and the library in Traverse. That’s paradise for someone used to a wee little library. We even tried out restaurants that we wouldn’t have normally eaten at.

yummy wrap
“Healthy Choice” wrap from The Kitchen in Traverse!
Yummy wraps for sure!

That was awesome.

What wasn’t awesome was finding new jobs, dealing with the stress of being away from the people I saw everyday for years, and the loss of my grandpa from stage 4 cancer… within two months of moving down there.

I miss you, Grandpa!

Those were the big things, that doesn’t include all the little tiny things that added to the stress.

Let’s just say, I started to crack. There were many, many, many sobbing phones calls to my mom and sister. It was ridiculous.

Psychic Almonds
Oh, psychic almonds. You knew. You knew.

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t handle change well, right?

Too much change in a short period of time. And I’ll be honest, weight loss…well my actual health in general kind of took a backseat.

So after finagling some thing we made the journey back up north about 15 minutes outside of the town we’d originally lived in. As soon as we hit Manistee, Josh turned to me and said “Welcome home!” Which is ironic because both of us swore how much we wouldn’t miss Manistee. It was too small, too snowy, too boring….too too too. You never realize what you miss until you aren’t there. I didn’t realize how much I loved Manistee…until I wasn’t there.

So yeah.

That’s the cliffnotes version of what went on this last year. Phew.

Oh wait, there is one more thing. One more life altering, amazing, scary, and incredible thing.

But I’ll wait to tell you all of that.


Back on the wagon (again)

It’s been nearly a year since I ended my Diary of a Chunky Chica blog. It wasn’t the easiest decision, but for unseen reasons (haha, I’m cheap and I was farrr too lazy to pay for it when I was supposed to, oops). But in my defense of laziness and broke-ness I didn’t realize that buying back domains was so expensive. $700. Yeah, I wasn’t that attached to the domain I had. So in came Nicole Leaving Plumpville. Woot!

Farewell Diary of a Chunky Chica

In the last year I wasn’t all that good. I realized how much keeping myself accountable through blabbing my weight all through the webbie world actually helped me. Granted I had only lost 25 pounds, but it was 25 pounds that I had had such a hard time losing without the support and cheering I had gotten though using DoaCC as that medium for frustration, venting, and support.

So, I’ve gained some weight back.  The stress of being “the new girl” at work and leaving behind all the people I had gotten to know, plus a new position, plus a million other factors (happiness, sadness, stress, and your typical busy lifestyle) definitely helped me gain some of the weight back, but ultimately it was one too many Diary Queen trips and “Big Macs are only a dollar after midnight” crap (DAMN YOU McDONALDS!).

As melodramatic as I am being right now, I haven’t gained all that much back. But just for the sake of being a drama queen and my absolute love of cliffhangers, I’m not telling you my official weight until my weigh-in day (Wednesdays).

But let me tell you something… it is sooo much harder losing weight once you’ve essentially quit. I constantly remember that commercial with the old guy that say “A body in motion tends to stay in motion, and a body at rest tends to stay at rest.” It is so true. Don’t get me wrong, I would “start back up” every once in a while. But all-in-all I would quit.

I got so used to working hard, watching what I was eating, and being conscientious of what I was doing with my body. But making the inadvertent decision to stop what a horrible idea. Now I’ve been fighting with myself over a year to get started all over again. And sure, there were weeks that I would lose some poundage but of course I would eventually gain it back. It was this insane up and down rollercoaster of weight loss/gain.

Any excuse for a picture of Landon.

I had the kind of mindset of “Oh it’s not that much, I can lose it” the same issue that has plagued so many people who have lost a ton of weight. Granted, I wasn’t done losing weight. I had lost a good 85 pounds, which was awesome. But gaining some of it back wasn’t all that “awesome.” But it happened so slowly that half the time I was giving myself half assed excuses.

It’d be a pound or two in October, and then another pound in November, three pounds in December kind of thing. And the whole time I was bouncing up and down. It was nuts.

So by the time I realized that things were out of hand was about six months into it where I just kind of threw my hands up. I stopped weighing myself, I didn’t worry that clothes were too tight “oh, I’m probably bloated.”

So I’ve been kind of “well damn” about it. Still not all that motivated about it (A gym membership I bought back in October and have still yet to use speaks volumes)

But not too long ago I tried on little black dress I wore back in September 2012 and when it couldn’t fit anymore was about the time I realized things were seriously getting out of hand.

And yes, there was a seam that tore

So I reminded myself the reasons I wanted to lose weight, got this new blog all ready to go, and put it in my mind that I am definitely going to be trying harder to get this crap going again.

So here’s to getting back on the wagon (this time for REALS) and getting this done!


Got me thinking…

My last post was about some good advice I read about how to get back on track, by basically having a little intervention with yourself.

But it kind of got me thinking. One top of everything that was mentioned I think that reminding ourselves of how far we’ve come should be something we frequently remind ourselves of. Of course that kind of contradicts the “Leave the past in the past” unless you think about it in the way of all the negative stuff. Like don’t sweat on what/how you ate yesterday (or the day before) you can’t change it so why worry about it… you know?

So I was thinking about it and realized that I haven’t really thought of any NSV since my last post I did about them way back in April. And it’s about time that I reminded myself of these things.

Sure there aren’t a lot of things, but they’re still important nonetheless. Things I should be proud of and that I should remind myself constantly of… but for some reason I haven’t.

So here goes nothing…

I went out and bought a LBD (little black dress) and wore it out… sure, no big deal. But it was a MEDIUM. Yeah, you read that right! I squeezed into a MEDIUM dress. A big deal to me.

Speaking of mediums, gone are the day of Large and Extra Large underwear. This girl is wearing a medium in underwear. And let me tell you, they look so tiny when I hold them up!!!

I had to tighten my belt!!!!

Those are the ones that have made me the most excited. There are a few more, but those ones are the best right now.

NSV should be a big deal as far as losing weight. I honestly think that it should be a big deal when losing weight. Keeps a person grounded. I kind of feel that it keeps the idea of weight loss physical rather than abstract. Sure we can talk about “Oh I lost 10 pounds!!!!” Which is amazing, but sometimes you just kind of need that physical proof. Saying “I am wearing a smaller pants size” or something along that makes it feel a little more real… it’s like progress that you can see/feel.

Of course, I’m not knocking 10 pounds, I get ecstatic when I step on the scale and see ten pounds have melted off. But I was more excited about pulling on a pair of size 10 pants. If that makes any sense at all.

So reminding ourselves that you’re wearing smaller clothes, that you can run a mile (or more), or that you can climb a set of stairs without getting completely winded is a really big deal.

I love the idea of NSV…especially NSV goals. I still have my “number goals” like losing 10 pounds… but I do like having goals that I have to work up to. Working up to doing a real push up, or jogging, or having the guts to wear a smaller size clothing. It’s things that when I tell someone and they can see and it can be proof rather than looking at me and can actually witness without me having to step on a scale right in front of them (which would be embarrassing as I always weigh myself in the buff).

Homework: Think about what kind of Non Scale Victories you have and be proud of them!!!!

Get it on!!!

Well, today has certainly been interesting.

Started off with a soccer game…fun… and ended with a hospital trip and missed work.

Ok, so that sounds way more dramatic than it actually is. I ended up get a scratch on my eye. As in my eyeball. Yeah, there is a pretty little red line across my eye. It’s all blurry and sore. And to top it off, the “eye drops” they have me on are gross. I use the term “eye drop” very loosely. It has the consistency of petroleum jelly. Yum, right?

I have to squeeze some of it under my bottom waterline… then I get this lovely film like feeling along with the scratchy soreness I’ve already got. So the blurry-ness kind of turns into a shiny blur. It’s an odd sensation. So, I’m supposed to be at work tonight, but can’t be there. Which I feel horrible about, I don’t like missing work… but apparently it’s better that I don’t go in. So I’m sitting here at home feeling horribly guilty about missing work. Yeah.

But other than that… Josh and I went out and picked up some more exercise equipment. Of course it was all on sale…impulse buy kind of thing. They’re resistance band things. One of them you hook around a door, and the other is like a strap you put over your back when you’re doing push-ups. It’s kind of perfect though, I’ve been complaining about wanting to do strength training and whatnot, and now we can! Of course the push-up one is more for Josh, as I can’t even do a single push up, let along with resistance along with it.

I’m pretty excited about it. But…FINALLY…. Josh and I have come up with an exercise schedule.

After quite a bit “research” (read: random googling) I found out that the typical “3 days a week/20-30 minutes a day” isn’t the only option. So Josh and I kind of came up with our own little regimen and we’re going to see how it goes.

So, yeah. That’s what we’ve got so far. Saturday and Sunday are going to be our “rest days” and Tuesday is going to be our “half assed day” where we are still “exercising” but it is far less strenuous than the rest of the week. We’re going to do cardio and strength every day…about 30-45 minutes each. At this point we’re planning on doing the cardio in the morning and strength training at night. We’re planning on starting to wake up at 6:00 every day (before Land-o gets up) so we can get these exercises out of the way and then strength is going to be more at night, after he gets to bed depending on the night.

And for the record. The “elliptical/variety” thing is pretty much for Josh’s sake. He’s not big on the elliptical, he’d rather do jumping jacks and burpees. Ew. Although, who knows…I might get into some burbies…we’ll see.

And we left the strength kind of vague on purpose. We know we want to work on upper body more than lower…mainly because our bottom halves are already stronger than our top halves. Yes, even me. I’ve got shockingly [read: freakishly] strong legs…it’s my upper body that is weak. But we didn’t want to say “Oh we’re going to do obliques on this day, arms on this…” we wanted to keep it open. Give us a chance to figure what exercises we like and which ones we don’t.

So yeah, that is our plan for right now.I think it looks pretty good right now. This is just for the month of October. We’re talking about how we can add/change the exercises and the schedule for the next month so our bodies don’t get used to it.

We’re going to see how this month goes. Much of the exercising that we are going to be doing is quite low as far as exercises go. We aren’t going to be using 50 pound resistant bands or anything, and I already know I can jump on the elliptical for 45 minutes no problem. We are starting low so we can work up to either longer “sessions” or heavier weights/more reps.

And Josh is going to do this with me!!!! He doesn’t need to lose weight (skinny bastard :D) but he would like to add on some muscle and be healthier in general… but if I can be completely selfish for a minute, I’m thrilled that I won’t have to do this alone!!!

So we’ll see how it goes… it should be interesting. Wish us luck!