Mind Over Body????

So… I’ve come to the realization that I feel a hell of a lot bigger than I actually am….


This picture is from mybodygallery.com….a great resource for an estimation on what you look like (or could look like)… you give your height, weight (or clothing size), and your body shape (don’t know yours? Check out my “cheat sheet pics”)…. and you can see *rough* estimates….

But, anywho… this is what I feel I look like

but…. according to my measurements I actually look closer to this

Now… to be honest for a second I was all like “what is my picture doing on this website? Wait, I’ve never seen that couch before”.. same skin tone…and what I thought my body looked like.

But the second picture (A girl named Laura… check out her weight loss story AMAZING….. lauramustloseweight.com)

All three of us are the same height…. the first woman is about 60 pounds heavier than the second.

The ironic thing is that the second picture (Laura) has the SAME EXACT measurements as myself…

Kind of scary how much your mind can play tricks on you. Quite literally, a mind of matter… or a mind over body… kind of trick.

So…with this… I am going to leave you all with a warning…

Make sure someone (a doctor, honest friend or family member) is there to help you. By all means, lose the weight yourself…. just make sure at least someone is there who can kind of keep your mind in check…..A lot of people who lose weight will continue to lose weight even after they have hit a healthy weight…. only because they see someone bigger in the mirror. A lot of eating disorders start this way.

I’m paranoid, personally. I don’t want to be skin and bones…. I want to be healthy…. so I know I have a select group of people who will make sure I remain grounded in terms of how my body looks.

My boyfriend does this for me.

Good Luck!!!!