Happy New Year! Weigh in Wednesday

Happy New Year!

I hope your holiday season was amazing! Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, it was a busy last two months.

My New Years Eve was spent having a phenomenal spread of New Years Eve treats, and champagne, and a rocking sequinned dress! Toasting to 2018, watching the ball drop, smootching away when 2018 hit. It was amazing.

Who am I kidding!?

I was in my pajamas, fast asleep. Because I’m that kind of person.

But it’s the New Year. A brand new year to think things through! Um, yay?

Anywhoits, I’m going to jump right into the New Year with a weigh-in! How appropriate?!

My last weigh in I’d gained a whopping 8 pounds. 8 whole pounds of weight gain. What the ever loving crap. But, it knocked some sense into me. I can’t talk about wanting to make a plan, about being serious about losing weight, and then gain 8 pounds. Phew.

Pulled up my big girl pants, and had to focus on some stuff.

Last weigh-in: 213.6
This weigh-in: 211.2
Lost: 2.3
Total lost from highest: 59.9

But I’ll take that 2 pound loss! Absolutely!

What’s kind of less happy to think about is my first weigh in in 2017. Back in July. I’d proclaimed to the world that I’d lost 25 pounds! I was super proud of myself!

I’d started back to blogging with a weigh in I was happy to post about. I was weighing in at 212.3, down from 237.5!

In the last 5 months, I’ve lost actually lost 1.1 pounds.

Can we say EW?

But we’re moving on. It’s a NEW YEAR, and focusing on that isn’t going to do me any favors. Looking to the future and getting going! I don’t want to look back on this year and see the same kinds of things. Ultimate goal is to get to my goal weight before I’m 30. I’m just under two years away. If I can get there sooner, awesome. But I’m taking it one month at a time. Being positive, and working towards it.

And the countdown begins

It’s the last Friday of the year! The last weekend of the year! The last EVERYTHING of the year! The countdown begins to 2018!

Since New Years falls on a Monday this year, I’m not planning on posting. So here you are, an early snippet into my 2018.

Which of course, means that soon your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram feeds are going to be overloaded with New Years Resolutions!

Last year I all but ignored resolutions. I’m not real big on the whole New Years Resolution thing. Back in the day, it was always some HUGE and SUPER IMPORTANT thing I was going to stop doing. I don’t do well with taking orders from myself. If any and all plans I have made in the health department of my life are ANY indication.

But this year, I need things to be different. I seriously need to start taking orders from myself. If I don’t, what’s the point?


2017 was a crazy/intense year. Less crazy/intense than 2016. And let’s not even get started on 2015/14.

Rather than saying things like “I’m going to stop [fill in the blanks]” I’m going into 2018 with some more positive resolutions.

I’m going to be nicer to myself
I’d started with making a list of all the things I want to change about myself. I noticed two things right away. #1 the vast majority of them weren’t weight related. Huge surprise there! It was more along the lines of be happier, less stressed, more patient… so on and so forth. #2 A lot of them were things I should be doing, and have no idea why I don’t.

Take mental health days I know I’ve said this before, but I have a job that can cause a lot of stress. Plus I’m a very obsessive kind of person, and I can get wrapped up into work far too hard. I’m not talking about taking a month off or anything. But here and there, maybe taking a long weekend? Or when I need a second to decompress, actually communicating those needs rather than shoving it all down and pulling a classic “Nicole’s lost grip of reality!!!!” moment. Actually plan a week vacation and do it? That kind of stuff.

Have more “me” time
Do the things I don’t give myself time to do. Do my hair, my make up, my nails. Take a bubble bath? Maybe get my eyebrows waxed for the first time in well over a year. Go and actually see my friends rather than “hey, it was so good seeing you six months ago!” Read a book? Go see a movie? (The last movie I went and watched in a theater was Deadpool back in 2016). Things like that!

Slow down and smell the daisies (not a big rose fan)
I’m busy. Ridiculously busy. Between work, blogging, my book… I don’t have much time. Then silly ol’ me, decided to reapply to college… It’s a lot to juggle. Especially having two kids. I’m used to busy. I’ve always been busy. But just because I’m busy, doesn’t mean that I don’t have time to do things and enjoy things. Rather than having thoughts in the back of my mind (work, book, blogging) while I’m in the middle of those moments. Focus 100% on the good parts of my life, rather than always having something floating in the back of my mind that I “have to do.”

Those are the three big things right now. Of course, I have my weight related goals. But that isn’t so much a New Years Resolution kind of thing, those are things I would like to accomplish, of course. But I know that my mental health is just as important as physical health, more so in some aspects. And, let’s face it, mental health has a huge impact on physical health.

So it’s a win-win!

So, let’s raise our glasses to the New Year! To our resolutions!

I hope your 2018 is even better than your 2017!
I hope your New Years Resolutions stick!
I hope your holiday season was phenomenal!

Good luck to all of you who have resolutions!

Happy New Years!

This should be interesting…

I am currently attempting to write this post using my Kindle. Haven you ever tried using html with corrective text and messed up touch screen keyboards? Like the title of this post indicates…it’s interesting.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know my trusty laptop is on the fritz. I cant write (I’m stuck at 11k words) and I just figured out how to sign into my WordPress account. Phew.

Good news though. I did weigh myself last Wednesday. It’s almost silly that I want to post it today… but I’m going to.

Last weigh in: 189.8
Today’s weigh in: 188.2
Total lost: 1.6 pounds

1.6 pounds. I totally happy with that. Marks week three of losing…happy girl here.

Looks like I am starting out the New Year in the right direction. Speaking of New Years…the last day of 2012. Wow. Snuck up on me. Today is the day where people rack their brains for their New Years resolution. I’d like to say that 85% of the population is going with the “I’m going to lose weight this year” train of thought.

Every year since I could remember (ok..a tad dramatic) that was my New Years resolution. But of course I never actually stuck with it…obviously. Most people don’t and I most certainly did not. This year I’m not going to bother… sure I’ve got goals I would like to accomplish, but nothing I would consider resolution worthy.

Instead I am going to focus on upcoming things. My planner is full of new and exciting things. Spoiler alert: A big day…..something that deals with Microsoft Word being my new best friend…a night full of Swearingen compositions…a “final exam” if sorts…a possible move.

New things are coming with the New Year and I am so excited.

On the weight loss front. I now have 365 days to get to my goal weight. 365 days of exercising…and I am proud to announce my tip jar should be boasting 4 dollars. Yup… minus the first dollar I have exercised 3 times in the last week…and I am shocked to say I really liked it. My poor abs still hurt. But I think I love that accomplished feeling more than anything else. For instance…for the first time in my life (no dramatics this time) I did a push up! Knees off the ground kind of push up. I did one…then had to show Josh. I did…count with me… not one, but TWO push ups. Huge accomplishment there. Round of applause? Anyone?

All I can say is that 2013 is going to be the year I lose these last 20-40ish pounds. Not a resolution….just some cold hard facts. This year I am going to hit that “I lost 100 (or 120)” moment…and it is going to be pretty fricken epic.

So with the New Year there is going to be some new aspects of me and my life…and I can wait!

Those of you celebrating ringing in the New Year at some amazing ball drop party…that number doesn’t include me, I work until midnight… have an amazing time! Have fun, kiss someone at 12:00:01, and be careful! Enjoy the last day of 2012! And I hope your 2013 is going to be an amazing one…resolutions or not.