Reward yo’self

I’d posted last week about my new Goals page! and also mentioned creating little rewards for those things.

Sure, sure. What could be more rewarding than losing the weight? Isn’t losing weight and being/feeling healthier reward enough?

Um, howboutnah

The thing is, I’ve already lost the weight. Not all of it, but a good chunk of weight. I’m re-losing weight, and still have 30 pounds to re-lose before I’m back to my lowest weight.

That’s really lacking in the motivation department.

And sure, I’ve done things that are worth being motivated about. Every time I see the scale dip down or try on clothes and notice how baggy they are, it’s definitely motivating. But, I want motivation beyond that.

“Only 30 pounds until my lowest weight, LET’S DO THIS.” is great… but “Only 30 pounds until my lowest weight AND a dye job??? LET’S DEFINITELY DO THIS” is infinitely better.

So, I created little rewards for myself for when those times come. And each one is lined up with a goal that I have… including the NSV ones. So, booyah! Don’t get me wrong… I doubt I’ll reward myself for if I can ever do the splits again, but who knows!

So, starting with the scale/number goals:

Lose 25% of my highest weight/ONEderland/Pre-pregnancy weight
Take myself on a much needed date

Get back to my lowest weight/lose 80 pounds total
Get my hair dyed

Lose 100 pounds total
Get MY tattoo

Start maintaining/Hit my goal weight

Maintain for 6 months
Buy a new wardrobe and SHOES

And, now some of my NSV goals!

Run a 5k
Get my 5k shirt (long story)

Get my girl power on in Mudderella! (and show some Domestic Violence support)
Own Your Strong gear! (is that a thing?) And sign up for a self defense class

Run a 10k
Never run again! Kidding, my second 5k shirt

Do a handstand/master a yoga post
New yoga mat

Go shopping without hating it
Buy myself a “oh no she didn’t” outfit

There you have it. Some of the rewards for some of my goals! I’ll update this list as we go along and I accomplish some goals – even if that’s right on my goals page.

We’ll see how it goes!


We’re talking about goals here, folks.

For some reason, all I can hear is Rihanna hollering “Goals” to the tune of “workworkworkworkwork.” Don’t ask me why, I’m currently working off of very little sleep and even less coffee.

But, I was going to write this whole long post of all of my fitness/weight related/non-scale victory goals. And realized how in the world am I going to keep updating them without just copying posts or digging through archives.

So I’ve made a whole new page!

So go visit my goals page. I had that list of goals for a while, I even had the goals page sitting in my unpublished list of pages. I just never got around to finishing it. Which is why you’ll see my first goal “crossed off” from 2015.

But I have a whole slew of goals. Some are number goals…losing a certain amount of weight. Getting back under 200! Losing a certain percentage of my starting weight. That’s pretty obvious.

Then there are the Non-scale victory goals.

Things like running a 5k, pull ups and push ups, wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes without bursting the seams. That kind of stuff.

Eventually (as in soon) I’d like to have little rewards for when I hit certain mile stones. Like dying my hair for the first time in 2 years… little things to work towards. As though hitting the milestones aren’t reward enough, amirite?

So. Go visit my page. Take a looksee.

While you do that, I’m doubling up on the coffee.

Got me thinking…

My last post was about some good advice I read about how to get back on track, by basically having a little intervention with yourself.

But it kind of got me thinking. One top of everything that was mentioned I think that reminding ourselves of how far we’ve come should be something we frequently remind ourselves of. Of course that kind of contradicts the “Leave the past in the past” unless you think about it in the way of all the negative stuff. Like don’t sweat on what/how you ate yesterday (or the day before) you can’t change it so why worry about it… you know?

So I was thinking about it and realized that I haven’t really thought of any NSV since my last post I did about them way back in April. And it’s about time that I reminded myself of these things.

Sure there aren’t a lot of things, but they’re still important nonetheless. Things I should be proud of and that I should remind myself constantly of… but for some reason I haven’t.

So here goes nothing…

I went out and bought a LBD (little black dress) and wore it out… sure, no big deal. But it was a MEDIUM. Yeah, you read that right! I squeezed into a MEDIUM dress. A big deal to me.

Speaking of mediums, gone are the day of Large and Extra Large underwear. This girl is wearing a medium in underwear. And let me tell you, they look so tiny when I hold them up!!!

I had to tighten my belt!!!!

Those are the ones that have made me the most excited. There are a few more, but those ones are the best right now.

NSV should be a big deal as far as losing weight. I honestly think that it should be a big deal when losing weight. Keeps a person grounded. I kind of feel that it keeps the idea of weight loss physical rather than abstract. Sure we can talk about “Oh I lost 10 pounds!!!!” Which is amazing, but sometimes you just kind of need that physical proof. Saying “I am wearing a smaller pants size” or something along that makes it feel a little more real… it’s like progress that you can see/feel.

Of course, I’m not knocking 10 pounds, I get ecstatic when I step on the scale and see ten pounds have melted off. But I was more excited about pulling on a pair of size 10 pants. If that makes any sense at all.

So reminding ourselves that you’re wearing smaller clothes, that you can run a mile (or more), or that you can climb a set of stairs without getting completely winded is a really big deal.

I love the idea of NSV…especially NSV goals. I still have my “number goals” like losing 10 pounds… but I do like having goals that I have to work up to. Working up to doing a real push up, or jogging, or having the guts to wear a smaller size clothing. It’s things that when I tell someone and they can see and it can be proof rather than looking at me and can actually witness without me having to step on a scale right in front of them (which would be embarrassing as I always weigh myself in the buff).

Homework: Think about what kind of Non Scale Victories you have and be proud of them!!!!