Wider than I am tall

I hope all of your weekends were great! Hopefully better than mine. I’m trying to fight off a wicked cold. Gotta love what the season change does to my sinuses!!! But I came to the realization that I’ve gotten so much bigger.

Like way bigger.

Of couse, my weight is an indicator of that. Come on, I had been down to 181 at one point. That’s a pretty good jump right there. Definitely. But a scale isn’t always the best indicator of weight in general. Sure, I’m using it as a good baseline for now. I know I want to lose “x” amount of pounds, but that final number is probably going to change several times.

My goal, as I’ve said a bazillion times, is to be healthy and happy. My goal isn’t to wear a size 0 or weigh 120 pounds. Being overweight and obese my entire life, I can’t say that I’d be happy with how I’d look or feel with those stats. I know I would like to stop around 165 pounds and take stock of how I feel. Then I’d consider if I want to lose more. Who knows! I might surprise myself and be totally happy at some obscure number like 159 or 177 or maybe even 148. I have no clue. I’ve never weighed that much, so I don’t know how those numbers feel.

But what I’ve always been aware of is that weight is subjective. There was a time that I’d lost 3+ inches off my waist and hips but I actually gained a few pounds. Same in the reverse, from 195-185 my measurements had stayed pretty much the same. So I like to rely on measurements as well as my weight. The lower the scale goes, the more likey I am going to be to listen to my body cues, clothing sizes, and measurements.


Back about a million 40 pounds ago, my measurements were getting on track. My waist was 31.5″ and my hips had whittled down to 39.5″ I’d lost 18″ from my waist, hips, and lovehandles at that point. Which is pretty freaking unreal. And amazing. And boy I felt it! I was wearing a size 10! It was pretty freaking amazing!

So out of morbid curiosity I measured myself this morning.

Bust 44″
Waist 38.5″
Hips 47.5″
Lovehandles 50″
L/R thigh 28″ ea
L/R arm 14.5″ ea
Neck 14.5″

But a picture speaks a thousands words…measurements kind of scream them.

I’ve added seven inches on my waist, eight on my hips, and my lovehandles have grown nine inches. NINE inches. That doesn’t even account for all the other places I’ve gained inches. Twenty four inches. I’ve gained two feet of fat in just three places.

Talk about humiliation.

No wonder I can’t fit any of my old clothes.

But at least I have a starting point. I’m actually kind of excited to see those numbers dwindle down.