Happy Halloween! Weigh-in Wednesday

So. Yesterday was Halloween. For those of you who know me, know that Halloween is my favorite holiday in the whole world. I would happily skip my birthday for another Halloween. Hell, I would skip Christmas in favor of Halloween.

Something about the costumes, candy, Trick or Treating, the spooky feelings…really gets me in my “Happy Mode”

But, it’s over. Welcome, November 1st.

Happy White Rabbits Day!

With November come my second favorite holiday. Thanksgiving!

I’m a self proclaimed Chubby lady who loves food.

That couldn’t be more obvious if I tried.

Although, this is also one of my least favorite times of the year. It’s when everyone brings food to everything.

And it’s not the light summer food. It’s the hearty-bake-sugar-fatty-carboload food.

And there are numerous opportunities for that.

Work functions. Family functions. It’s cold so I want to eat chili (always and forever) functions.

This time of year makes me really nervous. Because I know my self control is nowhere near where it needs to be. This is usually the time of year where I do the most of my yo-yoing. If I had made a graph of my weight loss in the past years, you’d see a definite upwards trend this time of year.

I always start off this time of year with a clear mind. Knowing that I need to be careful and watch what I’m doing. It’s always a test of restraint.

There’s something about snowfall from November to April (welcome to Michigan!) that makes hearty meals, pajamas, and bad food choices come to light. Which of course always means, that on April fools day 2018, I’ll be wondering if my scale is being a jerk and teasing me with a +6 gain.

But I have a plan, like I always do this time of year. The tricky part is actually just making sure I follow the plan. Even when I’m staring down pies, cakes, and the best winter mac and cheese you’ve ever seen in your life.

But until then, here’s a weigh in for you all.

Last weigh-in: 205.7
This weigh-in: 205.3
Lost: .4
Total lost from highest: 65.9

There we go. I’m still a little ways from WONDERLAND! (Do people even say that anymore?)

Measurement realization – Weigh in Wednesday

You know those “aha” moments people have? I had them when I was 264, and I had them again and again. The last time I had that moment, that kick started my year long trek of getting on board. Was actually a girl at work.

One on my friends/coworkers was measuring herself, yes… water bottle talk at it’s finest. She was all shocked what her numbers were. Now, she’s thin. She’s this cute little ball of yoga and energy. I even told her “Are you kidding me? I’d love to have your figure!” before she started measuring herself.

What shocked me was as she measured herself, in a very scientific method of string and a measuring tape… you know, the straight metal ones that you’d pull out of a tool box…the numbers sounded very familiar.

I pulled up my blog on my phone to my last measurements post and I was blown away.

Her measurements were only about 1-1.5 inches smaller than mine were at my smallest point. Excluding those damn lovehandles of mine.

Nothing like perspective, right?

So that’s what motivated me to get moving. That was the pinnacle moment back in 2016 that kicked my butt into gear.

Now, admittedly my measurements hadn’t changed all that much from 2015-2016. But here’s a little snippet if you don’t feel like going back to that.

And I actually haven’t measured myself since that moment.

So… here goes nothing. Let’s see what 25 pounds looks like!!!

Bust – 42.5″    -1.5
Waist – 36.5″   -2
Hips – 46″      –1.5
Lovehandles – 44″   -6
R thigh – 27″    -1
L thigh – 26.5       –1.5
R arm – 14″     –.5
L arm – 14.5″     -0
Neck – 14.5″      -0

YAY! I’d really like to do some backflips to that -6 for my lovehandles. Those were getting out of control.

And since this is supposed to be my weigh-in day, I suppose I’ll post that too.

Last weigh in: 212.3
This weigh in: 210.0
Lost lost: 2.3 pounds
Total lost from highest: 60 pounds

And a secondary YAY!

Thank you water weight? Weight weight? Fat weight? Who know? But I’m pretty darned pleased.

Til next time

Happy-ish Wednesday (Weigh-in Day)

Ok, maybe not happy-ish…but Wednesday nonetheless.

It’s been a fairly blegh week as far as the weight stuff goes. Never got around to writing up that schedule, but I’m planning on doing it tonight. Along with some kind of exercise. I’m not entirely sure what…but yeah. I know I said that I would have a schedule on Monday, but obviously I didn’t. So I’m going to make a point to do it tonight.

I’ve had some “eh” days and some pretty great days… this past week so I wasn’t even sure how my weigh in day was going to go…and then to top it all off, it’s TTotM (sorry guys…TMI), I know I’m bloating, I can tell in certain parts of my body…so I don’t know.

Last week: 183.6
This week: 183.8
Total GAINED: .2 pounds

So, basically the same thing as last week… that .2 of a pound bugger. Although I want to be happy…haha. Mainly because I’m bloating, but I’m not going to anticipate anything until next weeks weigh in. I’m hoping for good numbers.

I’ve kind of set a goal for myself…honestly a goal I never thought to set for myself. Perhaps the word “goal” isn’t the right word… more like “challenge.”

Yes. I am going to issue myself a challenge.

As you all know I haven’t had the best track record with losing weight for a long period of time. I’ll lose weight for a couple of weeks and then all of a sudden stop or even gain a little bit back.

So I want to see how many weeks I can collectively lose weight. I’m not sure about how to reward myself… stickers? Money? I honestly have no clue…

But I want to be able to actually lose some weight collectively. Get past this hump of losing a few pounds just to gain them back or get stuck for a while.

A rather tiny thing, but really I need to be consistent. I want to get to that point where I am losing weight regularly…rather than sporadically. We’ll see how it goes.

Other than that, not too much has changed… So on my to-do list… Exercise, get a exercise schedule, lose weight consistently…and re-start my motivational goals payout thingie.

You know, that thing that I had been doing where I have goals that when I reach then I was going to pay myself $10. Well, that was kind of a bust…looking back at it now… the goals were quite unattainable/unrealistic (such as do 10 pull ups, or do 20 push ups) or very abstract things (such as “feel good wearing a tank top” which is very touch and go.)

So yeah, that’s all I can think of right about now… But instead of last time…if I happen to flub a goal (like…weigh under 180 pounds….weigh in at 179 and the next week 180) then I’ll have to take the money back out. You know?

This time actually do it. Can you guys tell that I’m not a very consistent kind of person?

So, tomorrow I’ll have a schedule, goals list, and news that I exercised!!!! Until next time…


Well, lookie lookie at whose been a slack again lately. Between being sick (still) and Land-o getting sick, it’s been ridiculous amounts of coughing, sneezing, tissues, and cough syrup. Yummy, right?

I know I missed Wednesday’s weigh in, my mistake. I did end up weighing myself Thursday, I just never got around to writing up a post (obviously) so, I’ll just go ahead and post that weight today…but it is for Thursday.

Last week: 183.8
This week: 183.6
Total LOST: .2 pounds

Ok, I’ll be upfront. I have been eating like crap. Plus being sick, I haven’t been able to exercise. I tried, and was instantly hit with a pounding headache. Not cool. So I’m not even going to sit here and claim that it had anything to do with stress eating or whatever…. this was 100% me.

I’m not even going to count .2 pound as a lost. Doesn’t make sense to do so. So I’m basically just…eh…. no loss no gain. Which I can live with in comparison to how I’ve been eating. Yeah, not good eating habits at all.

But I’m not complaining. Mainly because I know I have been eating like crap, and it’s been 100% my decision. So yeah, whatever.

But this week, I’ve kind of had my fun. Not worrying about what I have been eating, all that jazz. It’s time to get back to business.

But, Josh and I are going to set up a schedule. As in what days we are going to do what, you know? Furniture sliders, sparring, blast straps, all that jazz. We’ll probably write up the schedule starting on Monday (24th) So that way we can start on an “even day.”

It’s coming up on October here really quickly and I know it’s going to start getting cold. Which was a big worry for me in the past. When it’s warm outside you can actually go and do things outside. Once winter hits, it’s brutal. Come on, I live in Northern Michigan… winters are typically horrible. I’m talking like 8-10 inches of NEW snow each night. Haha. Last winter was actually quite mild…very mild actually. I think we had a collective month of snow which is unheard of for Northern Michigan. So I’m expecting a pretty bad winter, haha.

So yeah, we’re going to try and figure out some indoor work out stuff so that I don’t gain a ton of weight over the winter. Haha. It’s always a worry for me, because it’s that “ugh it’s cold outside” so it’s an excuse not to exercise. But if we get to the point where we can do all kinds of stuff in the house.

But it’s been a really really good week. Aside from being sick, we have had a really great time. I have taken quite a few pictures… they’re uploading right now, so I’m going to start posting with pictures again!!!!

But coming up soon I wanted to do a little review on those Skinny Girl Cocktails!!!! Oh yeah! But that’s a down the road kind of thing.

So I’m going to start exercising more regularly…and I mean it this time. Haha.

Yay! (Weigh-in Day)

Ok, I’m sure by my title you can guess that I had a pretty good weigh in day today. But before you get to hear any of that…I’m going to tell you about my day. Haha, the suspense!!!!

In one word, hectic. I woke up late. As in 15 minutes before I was supposed to be there. I can assure you, this was the quickest time I have ever used to get ready for work. Of course that didn’t include makeup or anything along those lines. But still, I got there in time. Barely, but I did.

And it was totally my fault. For some reason I set the alarm for 8:00. Silly me…that’s when I was supposed to be at work. I ended up waking up at 7:45, out of a dead sleep…in a panic. Not my favorite way of waking up. haha.

Although, I do start my new classes on Monday! I’m taking French, Photography, Abnormal Psychology, and Underwater Archaeology (not to be confused with my NAS classes I took over the summer. But I won’t go into that too much, I’m going to wait until Monday to yak about that.

So, back to the weigh-in…. If you guessed it was a good weigh in…you guessed right!!!

Last week: 188.2
This week: 185.9
Total LOST: 2.3 pounds

Oh yeah, you read that right!!!! I am 185.9!!!! Ok, ok… I’m not going to go overboard with a measly .1 of a pound. So there is really not much difference between weighing 185.9 and 186… but still. Seeing that 185 number (excluding the .9) makes me happy happy.

I’m happy that I actually lost some weight!!!! It feels great, again! Haha. Though I’m pretty sure some of it is just water weight going away…I had been drinking and eating quite a bit of sodium the week prior last week’s weigh in… so I can’t say that that entire 2.3 pounds was fat…but still. The number makes me happy.

So…guess what. Next week is the week. 184 is coming up. I don’t care if it is 184.5, 184.8… whatever…I don’t really care. As long as I see 184.[whatever] I’ll be happy. It’ll feel like some progress. It would officially mark the first time in sooooo friggen long that hasn’t been apart of losing the same pound or two that I’ve been losing.

I’m all giddy. I love that accomplished feeling I get when I eat right and I lose weight. It’s a great feeling.

So next week, I’m going to see that 184. I’m going to eat right, exercise…and earn that number darnit!

The thing I don’t think I’ll ever get used to, seeing those numbers. Once I hit 184, I’ll be at this point where I wouldn’t have ever seen these number before. Simply because it isn’t the same couple of pounds…and it’s been so long since I’ve weighed 180-anything… since prior age 11. So it’s going to be awesome.

So wish me luck on next week’s weigh in, I’m feeling optimistic!!!