Work out tips!

Ok, not your typical work out tips. It’s kind of laughable me giving out fitness tips.

The most I can tell you is some obvious things… stay hydrated, keep moving, I can even give some opinions on some workout clothes…but to actually give you work out tips, I don’t work out enough to do that. Haha.

But I’ve found a way to get myself to work out more! Which is the whole purpose of this post.


I found it on Pinterest. Throw in some money every time I work out. There had been a couple of ideas I’ve tried along the same lines. Accomplishing goals (which were wayyy to abstract) and losing pounds (that was with rocks…and didn’t work too well). But this is purely for working out.

Kind of rewarding myself for working out…which I guess in a roundabout kind of way it could motivate me to work out. I have no idea how much money to put in the jar. That’s the problem.

It needs to be an amount that is substantial enough to make me want to do it…but not so much that I’m throwing in 15 bucks a week or whatever. Although… 15 bucks a week would be over 700 bucks over a year, tempting… but I’m not that greedy. Haha. So I’m not entirely sure how much I’m going to be throwing in there. But we’ll see.

Thanks to whoever thought this idea up…I love it! Now it’s just up to me to actually use it. At least with this…I can’t take away a work out. It isn’t like when I was thinking about doing it with pounds lost. Throwing in two bucks, then taking out three, just to put in another one. Didn’t make too much sense. With this, once I’ve done the workout then the money is in there.

So I am currently working on it.


So, here’s a picture of mine….work in progress, you can see around the letters. I wanted to throw a picture on here really quick, but the paint wasn’t quite dry. Soooo, once it dries, it’ll need another coat and re-edge the black. And it’ll be super cute! But if you look really closely at the picture you can see that I have already earned a dollar. Before I even started on it I had went on the elliptical for a half an hour! Yesssssss. So in goes a dollar. I wanted to throw something in there, one dollar might be fine. Who knows?

Did I just shamelessly steal an idea from someone, heck yes I did. Because it’s a brilliant idea. Super thanks to whoever did this first!!!!!

Happy-ish Wednesday (Weigh-in Day)

Ok, maybe not happy-ish…but Wednesday nonetheless.

It’s been a fairly blegh week as far as the weight stuff goes. Never got around to writing up that schedule, but I’m planning on doing it tonight. Along with some kind of exercise. I’m not entirely sure what…but yeah. I know I said that I would have a schedule on Monday, but obviously I didn’t. So I’m going to make a point to do it tonight.

I’ve had some “eh” days and some pretty great days… this past week so I wasn’t even sure how my weigh in day was going to go…and then to top it all off, it’s TTotM (sorry guys…TMI), I know I’m bloating, I can tell in certain parts of my body…so I don’t know.

Last week: 183.6
This week: 183.8
Total GAINED: .2 pounds

So, basically the same thing as last week… that .2 of a pound bugger. Although I want to be happy…haha. Mainly because I’m bloating, but I’m not going to anticipate anything until next weeks weigh in. I’m hoping for good numbers.

I’ve kind of set a goal for myself…honestly a goal I never thought to set for myself. Perhaps the word “goal” isn’t the right word… more like “challenge.”

Yes. I am going to issue myself a challenge.

As you all know I haven’t had the best track record with losing weight for a long period of time. I’ll lose weight for a couple of weeks and then all of a sudden stop or even gain a little bit back.

So I want to see how many weeks I can collectively lose weight. I’m not sure about how to reward myself… stickers? Money? I honestly have no clue…

But I want to be able to actually lose some weight collectively. Get past this hump of losing a few pounds just to gain them back or get stuck for a while.

A rather tiny thing, but really I need to be consistent. I want to get to that point where I am losing weight regularly…rather than sporadically. We’ll see how it goes.

Other than that, not too much has changed… So on my to-do list… Exercise, get a exercise schedule, lose weight consistently…and re-start my motivational goals payout thingie.

You know, that thing that I had been doing where I have goals that when I reach then I was going to pay myself $10. Well, that was kind of a bust…looking back at it now… the goals were quite unattainable/unrealistic (such as do 10 pull ups, or do 20 push ups) or very abstract things (such as “feel good wearing a tank top” which is very touch and go.)

So yeah, that’s all I can think of right about now… But instead of last time…if I happen to flub a goal (like…weigh under 180 pounds….weigh in at 179 and the next week 180) then I’ll have to take the money back out. You know?

This time actually do it. Can you guys tell that I’m not a very consistent kind of person?

So, tomorrow I’ll have a schedule, goals list, and news that I exercised!!!! Until next time…

Get on it!

I know my “bad” weigh in was only last Wednesday…but I’m not going to let this spiral out of control. I’m rather proud of myself for being able to not get out of control. Too many times in the past have I had one or two bad weigh ins and practically gave up.

For example I vanished sometime around July 30 and didn’t return until July 27th. Nearly a month. Simply because having one bad week turned into nearly four. Ouch.

There are times where I don’t let a bad weigh in get me down…my motivation doesn’t falter and I manage to keep on going. But there are some weeks where I just want to throw in the towel and give up. I’m sick of doing that.

It’s the same mindset as “well, I already ate like crap for breakfast, so the rest of the day might as well suck too.” Except it goes on for wayyyy too long. Which sucks. Definitely sucks. And I’m sick and tired of thinking like that.

I’m not a weight loss magician. I have good weeks and bad weeks. Of course it feels like I have more bad weeks than good…but I guess it is something I need to learn to be more consistent.

Yeah, consistency… something I’m not too good with. I definitely need more practice with that.

Plus I’ve also noticed a HUGE difference with working at a (basically) sedentary job opposed to working at the hotel where I was constantly moving. I don’t burn as many calories, not nearly. There were some days where I could easily burn 700-1000 calories just at work. While that’s over 5-7 hours… it was still pretty good. Now I’m hardly doing much of anything as far as work-ercise.

So, I know I’ve got to get my working out in order. I don’t like admitting that I hardly do it…always find excuses not too… but it’s the truth and anyone who reads this knows it. I’ve been talking about exercising more for a l-o-n-g time…and never actually took the steps to do it.

Well that’s going to change. Yes-sir-ee. Today (with a little prompting from Josh) I’m going to jump on the elliptical. And later tonight when the youngsters are in bed, we’re going to do some sparring. Yeah, it’s going to happen. Going to make sure it happens.

Also, I’m trying to think of some kind of motivational thinger…not really sure what. But I would like to do something. I always do better when I have something visual that is motivating me…and I don’t really have anything right now… some have been flubs….haha.

So if anyone has any ideas to do, let me know!